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May 9, 2008

favorite tool for germination!

So, last year or maybe the year before, I found the neatest tool- soil block makers! No more pots!

The best thing about starting seeds in these is the plants are naturally
air pruned (roots) so when you pop the soil blocks in the ground- bingo! they take off! No more transplant shock, no more roots growing around the pot. These work for plants that don't transplant well too. And for very small seeds- or seeds that take forever to germinate, the micro soil block maker is great. When they are getting bigger, you make the 2" size soil blocks and they pop right into the next size- if you have the inserts in the 2" block maker. :)

If you get the soil mix right, the blocks stay together really well. I tried using Black Gold this year- some coco blend stuff, and I had 100% germination.

Now if I can only get the 4" soil block maker- I'd be set!

See post 'Soil Block Makers' to see how easy these are to use! Or click on the label 'tools' to locate that post.


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