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Jul 15, 2008

Beautiful things in the garden!

Here are some pics of beautiful things growing- even though I've neglected things a little this year, to my surprise, the blooms continue!


Gooseneck Loosestrife


front bed- loosestrife, liatris, daylily, nicotiana

Clematis close-up


TX blue bonnet- grow in memory of Cheryl's mother



balloon flower and coreopsis

'Velvet Queen' sunflower



More will come...

Jul 5, 2008

New discovery!

While out in the garden yesterday, I was pulling what I thought were weeds- they weren't! I was building a lasagna bed and buried some kitchen waste there to build up the soil. I did notice something growing right where I put the waste and thought it might be a plant, but I wasn't sure. Surprise!

I like surprises! I've never grown potatoes before, but I think you should let the greens die down before harvesting them- anyone know? I guess it would depend on how big you want them.
Mmmmm! Fry them up with some butter and fresh parsley!

I guess it's time to harvest now. Maybe I'll cut up the tiny ones and plant them in the greenhouse?

They were delicious!!! I sliced them thin, fried them in a good oil sprinkled with dill from the greenhouse, and when almost done I tossed in some fresh Italian parsley! Very yummy with BBQ steak, salad from the garden- lettuce variety that does well in heat 'Cimmaroon'- and a piece of sweet potato!
Titillates the taste buds!

Jul 3, 2008


It's truly amazing what fertilizer will do...who knew?

Lots of yummies!

Well, I harvested a few yummies today! Take a look- stir fry time I think. :)