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Dec 27, 2008

All is Well After the Storm

Christmas day I managed to get a pretty good shot of Peetree. I’m so thankful that he made it through the harsh winter weather we’ve been experiencing.

Today, the snow has melted quite a bit. We made it through and we didn’t even have to ‘hunker down’ :)

I went out to the cold frame yesterday to remove the snow and see if any of my test plants had made it. I was happily surprised to see that everything was just fine. I think God just designed things really well! Good thing too, because if it were left up to me, I’d kill more than I grow!

The corn salad, lettuce, and spinach look pretty good considering that had complete darkness for over a week. I waited as far into fall as I dared to give them time to germinate and grow a little before the really cold weather started and grow came to a halt- then when the warmer weather returns they’ll just take off, giving me some greens earlier than usual. These tests will give me a better idea of just how far I can push these varieties in cold weather- this will be handy information to have when I move to a colder climate,;somewhere in the Bend area of Oregon. I made sure to record everything in the Garden Tracker software so I’ll have the records later.

One of my favorite lettuce varieties ‘Red Star’ doesn’t seem to be available at Johnny’s Selected Seed- or at least I can’t locate it on their site. I’ve emailed them asking about it. ‘Red Star’ along with ‘Focea’ have been the only lettuce that haven’t gotten bitter on me. A lot of lettuce I’ve tried turn bitter, even when growing it in very cool weather- these two have never been bitter. With their fleshier, compact growth, they are great for the greenhouse and are perfect for mini-head production. See Johnny’s for their list of mini-head lettuces.

Here they are in all their glory

One baby in the greenhouse has surprised me- Dwarf Snapdragon. I went to check watering and found they had grown a little.

Most of them have grown a little- The one in the back isn’t growing, for whatever reason. I have these plants under lights and on a heat mat. This is the first time, since I purchased the greenhouse, that I’ve tried to start some flowers for some early color. After re-reading Shane Smith’s Greenhouse Gardener’s Companion, I thought I’d give it a shot. Usually I use it to start plants for the garden, to give them a jump on the season. We’ll see what happens, we have a long way to go before the warmer weather starts.

Eventually, when we move, I would like a much bigger greenhouse so we can have in-ground beds, as well as benches, and grow things the way Eliot Coleman explains in his book Four Season Harvest. It would be great to have that much space!

Well, back to work- so much to do out there now that the snow is melting. I hope you all had a Merry Christmas- and have a great New Year!

Happy Gardening!


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