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Dec 16, 2008

Winter help for hummingbirds

Note: Make sure you put your cursor over some of the pics for a better look- they zoom!

Hi all,

I've done a few posts recently about Peetree, my new pet hummingbird. We debated whether or not to feed Peetree in the winter or not. I did a little reading online, and also asked a local expert about it...

Everyone said the same thing- they are here year round, so feed them and give them a better chance of survival. We agreed. Portland has been experiencing a weird year, so I kind-of expected a weird winter, as well.

We wanted to help Peetree get through the winter, so we put up a light to keep his food from freezing- with the snow we've had recently (Yes! I said snow.), we're not too sure this will work. I did get the idea from a guy in Bend, OR where it gets a lot colder- we'll just have to see how it goes.

Take a look at what we've done.

Peetree sat under that light to eat as soon as we put it up.

Note: To see more bird pictures, click on the label 'birds'- there is a slide show there!

I'm really surprised at just how cold it is getting- and I love the snow, of course, I'm just a little worried that Peetree won't make it. The winds have been so cold!
This was early in the morning- it got much worse. The bench looks so pretty!

This was taken in the evening- there was about 4 inches on the cold frame!

Camelia- early morning. It was so pretty with the snow in the middle of the leaf and the green edges still visible.

Peetree seems to be doing well- chasing all the other hummingbirds off as usual! I wish he would learn to share! I'll be sure to keep you posted on how he's doing.

Happy Gardening!


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