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Jan 15, 2009

Blotanical: Update


Last year, I posted about a group I’d found called blotanical. At the time I had no idea what to think about it, but still wanted to pass it along to other garden bloggers out there. Well, now it’s been about 4 months of trying out this group, and I thought I might post about my experiences so far.

Blotanical is a great group of garden bloggers, although non-blogging gardeners are welcome. At first, it was a little overwhelming learning how it all works on blotanical, as it has so much to offer, but it didn’t take long before I had a few things figured out- thanks to Stuart’s tutorials, and clicking a lot of buttons to see what they did :)

When I found blotanical, I was searching for other garden bloggers, of course. I found that searching through blogger’s database didn’t turn up that many, and I wanted to connect with a wider range of garden bloggers all with different levels of experience in their hobby- people that love it as much as I do. A nice feature of blotanical is that in your profile you can list your favorite flower, tree, etc. and also list the areas of gardening you have experience with, such as container gardening, nursery owner or employee, organic gardening, etc. I do wish that there was an option for hobby greenhouse owner, as I would like to easily search those having one to see how they do things :) (Did you read that Stuart?)

Everything on blotanical is laid out well, with tabs for easy navigation. One of my favorite things is that you can easily read posts from other bloggers and pick that post, which means for whatever reason, you liked it- it was well written, funny and made your day, or you learned something; all within blotanical. It’s a vote really. And I think the more you’re viewed or picked, you move in rank- I haven’t really figured it all out yet, as I said, I just pick posts when I enjoy them. You really can choose how much you want to be involved, or as much as you can fit into your life. You can also pick your favorite blogs and blotanists. I do wish that there was an option to add a reason why you like your choices for favorite blogs and blotanist. I’m still working on figuring out how that part of it all works, as time allows. All your choices are viewable by anyone visiting your ‘plot’- cute right? It your ‘plot’ you can read and send messages to other members. There is also a forum, that I have yet to take a peek at, I will soon. I’m hoping that you have the option to upload files to the forum, such as plans for a seed starting shelf or rack- or maybe a greenhouse or cold frame. Maybe that is possible on the forum- I’ll have to check it out.

As I said, there is still a lot that I have yet to discover, but one thing is clear- blotanical is a great place for gardeners to connect, share their stories, and you’re sure to find many people out there that love gardening as much as you do. I’ve made a few friends on there, and they all have such engaging, interesting, and sometimes really funny things to say on their blogs. I love discovering how other people do things in their gardens and I find their stories make me think, or laugh till I think I might have to push a tinkle! I’m always discovering some new way to do something, or at least try! I know that if I have a problem I’ve run into in my yard, I can go to any number of people I’ve met on there and get answers, and fast! Talking to people from around the world is sometimes a real mood lifter- when it’s overcast here, I can go visit a garden in some tropical area of the world at any time. I’m not sure I would have found them without blotanical! 

There is so much on there- you just have to try it and see if it’s a good fit for you. For me, I have found a great place to hang out. There are many places similar to blotanical that I’ve joined and they have not worked out for me- blotanical is different, has more to offer and just fits :)

So, to end this post I’d like to thank blotanical and everyone there that has made garden blogging just that much more enjoyable!


Happy Gardening!



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