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Jan 15, 2009

Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day: caught with my plants down- Jan.


I’m not sure what a meme is, or even how to say the word (some have told me, as in ‘theme’ and some me me.) I’m not even sure that the following is considered a meme, but it sounded fun! Over at May Dreams Gardens, Carol has started Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day, so everyone can share what is blooming, not blooming, or they wish was blooming ;) in their gardens! What a great idea.

I went on a hunt this morning in the garden. Yes, after yesterday I was careful :). This time of year it can be difficult to have any blooms. Our weather here has actually been sunny- Wow! I know! This means that since it’s clear, the nights will be colder and the ground frozen in the morning. Here is what I discovered this morning.


I can’t remember the name of this weed, but I actually like the little blue flowers on them :) It looks much bluer than my camera was able to capture- or the user was able to figure out how to capture ;0 Funny how everything else won’t bloom, but the weeds do!


Poor Pansy, I grew these from seed last year. I’ve tried to give them a little cover with leaves- but the slugs seem to find them a comfy place to hide- darn slugs!



I believe this is my Oregano I started from seed last year and had a hard time holding out for warmer weather because the spring weather was so unpredictable, as it usually is. I think it looks beautiful with the frost on it.


The wood hyacinth is making its way out of the frozen ground- and I see the slugs have been at them.


I am pleased to find another bloom on the pansy (Yes, that would be a singular pansy!) in the greenhouse and hope that more will be on their way :)


I have started some more pansy, as I promised myself I would when they started blooming. I am unsure, because of low light levels, if I should be fertilizing them. Any thoughts on this?

The lettuce will be harvested today, and more started along with other greens that will go into the cold frame.


So, there you have it. My very first addition to the Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day. If you want to join in visit Carol :)


Happy Gardening!



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