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Jan 13, 2009

My Garden’s Mission Statement???


So, after posting about this idea, I’ve been mulling over some thoughts...and then rethinking them, mulling some more, and then stewing, and mulling some more- until it became this really hard thing, which I’m sure was never the original intension! So, I stopped and asked myself- just what is the problem? Why it this becoming such a downer for me? So difficult a task? I couldn’t come up with an answer, so I let it go...okay, that didn’t work either. I kept thinking about it searching for words- looking in my dictionary and then searching the thesaurus. It became something that it was never supposed to be.

Then I started reading around and found that this has become a bit of a controversial issue! To my surprise, there are definite lines of discussion here, maybe I missed the point or something, but my garden isn’t about all that. I’ve never worked in the corporate world and had to come up with ‘mission statements’ and the closest thing I can think of is a church’s mission statement or statement of faith. So, I started thinking along those lines. A church’s mission statement/statement of faith, as I have heard it both ways, is important to me- why? Well, If I’m going to attend, I want to go where I feel the truth is being told  or taught- and that is a whole other subject that I won’t go into (I’m just trying to liken it to something I am familiar with). Mission statements are meant to convey clarity- right?  Well, that may be a hard thing to do for someone else that is walking through my garden, and I’m not sure I’d want to. I figure that to someone else, my garden my be an entirely different thing- and I don’t want to sway their opinion with what I think it is. Mission statements are most often used to promote a business, and my garden is not a business. I understand that the idea of a garden’s mission statement is just a play off of that. And it was an inspiring idea.

To me, my garden is so many things. I’m sure most people would agree with that. If you want to read about some of those things, see my other post. I have names for areas in my garden- and those names are usually based on their purpose- such as ‘bird area bed’ or the like. Someday, when we move maybe, I may give this idea some more thought- but for now, I think I’m happy with letting my garden just ‘be’. I did come up with a little something though :)

This Garden: It is what it is for whomever walks through it.

It’s not much, but I think it fits- for now. I consider myself a steward of this little plot, I don’t really own it. I’m not responsible for the flowers blooming, the seeds germinating, or the critters decorating it with their lives- the credit is not mine. Sure, I call it ‘my garden’, but really I’m just renting it ;). It is living, and for a living thing it should have a name, but to say it’s mine? To me that is pushing it.

I consider myself a beginning gardener- a little over a decade does not an expert make! (Yikes, has it been that long?) I’ll just continue playing in the dirt, as my mom used to say, and share my adventures for now.

I wish everyone luck with this- and I thank Kathy and Helen both for inspiring some deep thought about it. I’m sure in the future, it will continue to inspire me.


Happy Gardening!



  • GardenJoy4Me

    Hi Tessa .. I also thought it was difficult to actually nail a "mission statement" for my garden .. with all of the reason you just stated and more. I have come to think of my garden as a love affair .. with all the angst,ecstasy, highs lows .. tantrums, make ups, yearning, planing for the future .. you name it .. and I have gone through it with my garden .. maybe my garden is my "other" partner in life ? LOL
    I just can't be nailed down to an exact statement .. and I really don't think I should worry about it.
    I like what you said .. short, to the point and meaningful : )

  • DirtDigger (Tessa)


    Thanks for your 2 cents worth- I'm glad I'm not the only one! :) For me whenever something becomes something it's not supposed to be in the first place- I have to stop myself and ask why, and consider that maybe I'm just not suited for it or vice versa.

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