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Jan 6, 2009

What is your garden's mission statement?

Over at Cold Climate Gardening, Kathy has written a great post about your garden's mission statement. I think this is a wonderful idea.

In this post she mentions learning about the idea from an article written by Helen Yoest at Gardening With Confidence. Kathy encourages us all to take a peek at Helen's idea, and if you decide to create your garden's mission statement- be sure to let Helen know.

This is something I think I need to put a lot of thought into, so for me it is gonna take some time to come up with something just right- however, as Kathy told me, you can always change it. That is one of the wonderful things about gardening- if you don't like it, change it. In the garden, there are no mistakes, only creative ways of doing things. A trowel and error can only lead to improvement and knowledge- not to mention fun! That is why my blog has the name 'Blunders with shoots, blossoms 'n roots'.
I've gained so much from my garden- patience is one thing, off the top of my head, so to me a mission statement is sort-of a way to honor it.

My garden, for starters, is a place of peace for me. It's one place where I truly feel closer to my Creator. A place that when I look around at all that creativity, the colors, the shapes, I know there is an all knowing, all loving hand at work- nothing that creative could 'just happen', in my opinion. If I only had even a sliver of that creativity!

I love the flowers that come out of my garden. Making bouquets for family and friends is one of my favorite things. I love giving these, whether someone is in the hospital or just because. Having them on my table is a delight! Yes, I see the flowers at my grocery store, I can feel them staring at me, but I have this thing about not having any 'foreign flowers' in my vases- this doesn't include those given to me ;)

The garden and greenhouse is also a place I like to experiment. Try new things in new ways. Making something more efficient- that's fun to me. Again, a trowel and error is a wonderful thing, and when some experiment does work out...great!

Growing our food- very important. I love tomatoes- refuse to buy the anemic looking, cardboard tasting tomatoes in the store. I feel like taking one of mine into the store, cutting it up into bite sized pieces and handing it to whoever is in charge of the produce they choose to put in their bins. Then ask them why they charge so much for something that doesn't taste like the one their savoring in their mouth! I know, I'm bad ;).

Honestly, can you blame me?

Another thing I've tried to do over the years is to grow something in honor of a friend that has passed away, and especially family that is no longer with us. Growing their favorite flower, if possible in my zone. It is my way of saying they were here and no matter how much or how little they were in my life their life was valuable. Mom, if your reading this, can you please email me Aunt Tottie's favorite flower or plant- Uncle Dan and Uncle George as well :)

How about all the critters that frequent my garden? I've had so much enjoyment from watching them all this year- you can bet I'll be attempting to attract a lot more this year! My garden supplies them with what they need, and they in return give me so much more! No, can't forget the critters!

My garden is so many things to me- this is gonna be hard!

Happy Gardening!


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