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Mar 23, 2009

Driving into Spring!


Our trip to Medford this week was great! And it started with us literally driving into spring :). We went down there to visit family and had a wonderful time! I used to live in Medford...before I was a gardener, and I had forgotten how wonderful the weather is there.

When we hit about Roseburg, OR we started to see the plum trees in full bloom. Once in Medford I noticed things in full bloom everywhere!

Note: Images are bigger on mouse over!







It was really spring- and the smell in the air, heavenly. If only I could put the scent on this blog! This is the best I can do :)







We started to see a few Magnolias at about Roseburg, but they were just barely budding. I didn’t notice any in Medford, but right outside grandma’s house, along with the tree above, was a beautiful Tulip tree!







And lastly, a beautiful bunch of tulips sitting in a window at grandma's.



I thought the light drenching the tulip petals was lovely. Yes, spring was definitely gracing Medford with its presence! I sat outside and filled my senses, dreaming of my own yard and the coming beauty!

We didn’t stay long. And the drive home was a little depressing...driving back into winter! As we hit Roseburg on our return home, the clouds closed like a door, shutting out spring for just a bit longer...but not much longer!

We returned home the first day of spring. I have to say it is nice to go away for a few days. My daughter, and mom & dad took care of everything while we were away. I was a little nervous leaving everything in the greenhouse, but it all turned out okay. With the exception of the day we left, of course, it was nothing but overcast skies. Just before we left, I was forced to put the huge tomatoes out in the greenhouse- that was a little scary. Usually I get them used to different conditions slowly- but I had no choice, they outgrew the lights inside, and in spite of the lower night temps, they had to go to the greenhouse. By the time I got home the night temps had risen enough that the little heater didn’t have much trouble keeping it at above 50 degrees- just in time! The tomatoes aren’t happy, exactly, but they’ll make it I think :)

Funny how you notice things growing when you’ve been gone. The early, gamble broccoli crop looks like it not only made it through those first few days in their new home, even after high wind, but are actually looking pretty good!

The peas are up and doing well. I can’t wait to taste that first crisp, sweet, crunchy pea!


I think I may sow a few more seed to fill in spots where seeds didn’t germinate.


The spinach and radish is up in the first chenille I built a while back- This spinach will be used in salads- and finally I’ll let a few get big as I thin the others out and eat them! Yummy! I love spinach :)


The Mizuna, lettuce and beets in the cold frame went nuts while I was gone! So did the weeds! It’s harvesting time again :). I may just keep the Mizuna as a cut-and-come again to see how far I can push them into warmer weather, we’ll see.

I have so much to do- catching up reading what you all have been up to in your gardens, for one. I’m behind on starting more broccoli, lettuce, and a ton of flowers! The tomatoes will have to move on to a bigger pot this week, as well as the cherry tomato in the house. Here are a couple shots of the greenhouse- notice the tomatoes don’t look particularly happy!


These tomatoes will be a little upset for a bit, but I think that potting them on will help...we’ll see! If not it’s off to Portland Nursery we go.

I’ll get some more shots of them later, when they’re not so mad at me!

I think Catherine’s babies over at A Gardener in Progress are much happier and healthier looking :)



The pansy and wood hyacinth continue to bloom, and I’m expecting the snap dragon to make a show soon. The dill there in the lower right is going nuts, so I hope everyone at church likes dill! I never water that volunteer plant- but it just does it’s thing anyway :)

Things are getting a little crowded again- and it will only get worse as I sow more. I think it’s time to go up on the other side of the greenhouse benches now...ya think? I’m going to try to jimmy something this week.             

There is a bit more blooming in the garden, one of the camellias in the back yard and some hyacinth, more pictures will be on the way! I hope you all had a great first day of spring, and as always...

Happy Gardening!


  • Hocking Hills Gardener

    Tessa, oh, the tree blooms are so gorgeous. It is so nice to see things starting to bloom again. I love tulip trees and have wanted one for years. The plants in your green house are looking so good. Love the pansies!

  • Jamie and Randy

    Wonderful pictures Tessa! I really like the tulips. I'm so jealous you have a green house, I don't have room for one. :-(--Randy

  • Anonymous

    Hi Tessa~~ I live in Albany and FINALLY, yesterday the trees began to bloom. I love them when they're still partway in the bud stage, so wispy and delicate looking (but tough as nails). Your plants look mighty healthy to me.

  • RainGardener

    Your picture of the bloom was so beautiful I think I smelled it. ;-) Sounds like a great trip and grandmas tulips were there in the window just waiting to greet you.
    Looks like everything in your greenhouse is coming along good.
    Great post I really enjoyed it!

  • Daphne

    I think those tulip blooms are gorgeous. Very nice. I never would have known your tomatoes were doing poorly from the photo. They are far enough away that all I see is green leaves. So to me they look fine, of course I can't see them close up.

  • Kathleen

    Oh Tessa, your trip to Medford sounds heavenly. A taste of much needed spring. I love the photo of the tulips in the window ~ you are so right about the lighting being perfect. I'm glad your little seedling "babies" were okay in your absence. I hate to leave my house once gardening season starts and sometimes I think that's so ridiculous but I'm glad others feel the same way.

  • gardenerprogress/Catherine

    I'm glad you had a nice time with your family. How long of a drive is it for you? I think things in your greenhouse and your chenille look very nice! One day I'd love to have the space for one. I cheated today and bought some broccoli starts. I just don't have room to start much more inside.

  • Sue

    Hi Tessa,
    I enjoyed reading about your drive and experiencing spring. It looks like your garden is doing well.

  • DirtDigger (Tessa)

    Hi everyone- thanks so much for stopping by on this beautiful spring day...okay it's raining here- but things are in bloom!

    Lona- Thanks, I just hope the tomatoes will be forgiving! Me too, I've always wanted a Tulip tree.

    Randy- Thanks! Maybe some day you'll have a place for one- never stop dreaming!

    Grace- I don't notice blooms in Albany! Good! I'm glad spring has finally decided to show up :)

    RainGardener- I just love you blog name, it's right up my alley! Happy spring to you :)

    Daphne- Yeah, I think it's a good thing you can't see them up close- but I'll be posting more on that soon as I've discovered something good today!

    Kathleen- Now if I had only had a great camera like you have, those pics would have been terrific! I love visiting to see your shots!

    Catherine- Yeah, it was a good visit. It's about 5 hrs to Medford- depending on who is driving ;) Your funny! Buying broccoli when you've run out of room isn't cheating, just like buying tomatoes when you've killed yours isn't cheating (just in case I thought I'd better set myself up for that :)

    Sue- I'm glad you enjoyed it! I hope your spring is going well :)

  • Gardeness

    The tulip tree is fabulous. It looked like gorgeous weather for you. Yay spring! I continue to be in awe of all you've got going. You are such an inspiration. Will you transplant that broccoli? I grew some last season and it got so big I was wondering how close you can plant them? I'm hoping to do some direct seeding under the cloche tomorrow. Yippee!

  • lynn'sgarden

    Hi Tessa, I love all those pink blooms...really beautiful! I think all of us gardeners feel anxious when we leave our garden/plants while away and nothing beats that happiness and relief upon return..your seedlings all look great though!

  • Megan

    So much happening so quickly now that the clock chimed spring. I didn't realize spring hit earlier in Medford. It's nice to get a preview of what's headed our way. It'll be here any time now. Good luck to your tomatoes and all the rest. You're set to have quite the crop this year.

  • DirtDigger (Tessa)

    Gardeness- Yes, it was beautiful! Someday I really need to plant one! You're right, the broccoli is too close- SFG says you can grow them 1/sq.ft., but the one time I grew them they got huge!- they will have to be thinned out. Sometimes I wish I'd never gone with the SFG as I know more watering is needed- or at least that's been my experience. I'll harvest the first big head and not wait for the side shoots. This was a test early crop anyway. I think I was off by about 2 weeks. I have more coming that will go elsewhere! Happy spring to you :)

    Lynn- Thanks! I hope your spring is going well :) I can't wait to see your Hellebore open up! Happy gardening!

  • Sarah P

    Hi Tessa,

    Thanks for your kind comment on my blog on We are also mad gardeners, and are really excited about our project to establish an organic veggie garden in Coffee Creek prison for women in Wilsonville. I'll post a link to your great blog on our site, what great a Oregon gardening vibe!

  • DirtDigger (Tessa)

    Sarah- Thanks for stopping by! I think it's great what you're doing with the prison! I tried to look for your email, but couldn't locate one. I have a few questions for you before I post about your work with the prison and your blog. Hopefully you'll see this comment- you can find my email both on my profile and at the top of my blog- just look for the little blue envelope :). Happy spring to you and I wish all the best for your prison garden!

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