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Mar 15, 2009

Garden Blogger’s Bloom Day- March


After planting out some early, gamble crops last week, a storm hit. A warm store, thankfully! The wind is pretty strong, however, so crops will have to stay under cover for a while. Not a great day to go take pictures of blooms in the garden, but I managed to get some :) for GBBD. Thanks again to Carol for hosting this- it’s so much fun to be a part of it, even if I don’t have much to add :). Make sure you head on over and check out what others have blooming in their gardens!



Here is another Camellia bloom out front- the blooms are so big, I hate to chops this shrub down. It is in the wrong spot, however, and way too big for its space- I may try to move it, but it’s doubtful because I just don’t have the strength to do these major things in the yard anymore- and it’s huge! I can just imagine the root ball!



Some Hyacinth is coming up here and there in the yard- these are some that I gathered from around the garden that I want to keep track of. I can’t wait to see them again- not to mention smell them! Since I didn’t start any in the house, these are a welcome site!




The Ageratum in the greenhouse is about ready to pop- I grew these in hopes of some early color, but I’m afraid that March is as early as I’m gonna get! The lower light levels we have here in the winter in Portland, just don’t cut it. Bend or Redmond is looking better and better every day!




And lastly, the Wood Hyacinth is finally blooming. Last fall I had divided a small area where tons of these grow- I had some extras (some of which are still in peat moss in the garage!) and just threw some in a pot, hoping they would have blooms a little earlier than the ones in the bed. Looks like it worked.



I have pansies, of course, and some of them went in the beds last week. Also the daffs are starting to bud. The crocus are still in bloom, but I’ve posted a few of those pics already.

I am wondering how I managed to have all the same color family! I’m not really a purple fan, but it is a good spring color, I suppose- and my blog has it in the new spring look. Some of the pansy are a burgundy, white, and a few yellow, but the main theme seems to be purple-ish!

I wish the Dwarf Snapdragon would hurry up!

snapdragonmidmarch Snapdragon bud!

Oh, look! More purple pansy ;)

Not much going on- I really do need to work on my beds more. With growing so much food I haven’t been concentrating on color. It’s hard to split my time between crops and flowers. I do have a lot I’ve started for the beds that will help, however. Lets just hope I can get everything through the rest of the winter and the always unsettled beginning of spring! I’ll be starting more flowers coming up soon, but I have a trip planned this week, so it will have to wait!

I hope you all are enjoying the early spring color in your gardens! Only a few more days to go for spring to start officially!

Happy Gardening!


  • Helen @ Gardening With Confidence

    Very pretty presentation. Happy Bloom Day!

  • gardenerprogress/Catherine

    The camellia is very pretty. I think you and you muscle man can move it :)
    You've got lots going on there, and snapdragon buds already!!
    Hope the snow passes you by!

  • Kanak Hagjer

    Plenty of buds there! I wish I could talk about the Camellia the same way you do. But the heat makes it difficult. i have one in a pot but I doubt whether it'll survive our HOT summers.

    BTW, the wood Hyacinth looks lovely. Happy GBBD!

  • Karen

    You have lots of color, it's just mostly blue! :)I had a camellia like that one in my previous garden, it was out of control too. We tried having it professionally pruned but then saw that the new owners took it down after they moved in. It's always a hard call, but right plant right place? Right? Good luck and happy Bloom Day!

  • Anonymous

    I wonder if you could just do some major pruning on the camellia and keep it where it is. Two gargantuan rhodies were planted next to my house and rather than dig them out, I limbed them from the bottom and cut the upward bound growth, thinned middle branches and now the trunk which is quite twisted and gnarled, is observable. I planted semi-shady things below them. Hung a little wind chime and voila. --Just a suggestion.

    Love your flowers. Purple flowers seem to be aplenty. I love them.

  • Kathleen

    You have more going on than I do in my garden Tessa!! I'm jealous of anyone who can have camellias. They would not do well in my alkaline soil and harsh climate. Happy Bloom Day!

  • Cinj

    What lovely blooms. I am a purple fan myself. At this point ANYTHING is better than white!

  • joey

    Delighted to finally stop in and visit ... lots of good stuff goin' on here :)

  • Nancy

    Perhaps the pruning will let you keep the camellia, if not, perhaps list it on freecycle or craigslist or a local garden club as "yours if you'll dig it up"...

  • DirtDigger (Tessa)

    Thanks everyone for stopping by and taking the time to comment- I've been so busy looking at all the wonderful blooms in everyone's gardens that I'm afraid responding will be prove to be difficult! I love all the suggestions concerning the beautiful Camellia- I may just try to have someone come get it, if they want it- Thanks for the suggestion, Nancy. Thanks so much for all your comments and ideas!

    Happy almost spring to everyone :)


  • Aunt Debbi/kurts mom

    Nice blooms. Love the blue

  • ben

    nice flowers. Tulip time is coming here. I like tulips.

  • Muddy Boot Dreams

    Hi Tessa, what a hoop that I had to jump through to find your blog, that's what I get for not subscribing right away, like I do with most. Could you please email at wateringcans[at]

    Your comment does not have a return on it, so I had to track you down.

    I would love to know how to fix it so the widget only shows on the current post.


  • kate smudges

    The Wood Hyacinths are beautiful. I love the Camellia colour. It's good to see the Hyacinths about to burst into bloom.

  • Ginger

    the wood hyacinths are so pretty. I love the color! from your description, I gather they must be very adaptable, despite how delicate they look. I wonder how they'd work in my deep south yard?

  • garden girl

    lots of pretty things blooming in your garden already! I love all the blues. I hope you find a good solution for your beautiful camellia

  • Daphne

    The camellia is so pretty. Maybe you can take a cutting of it before you rip it out? It would be such a shame to lose it.

  • Kathy

    You have a lot more blooming than I do. A greenhouse without heat would be more like a gigantic coldframe for me. No matter how much we have, we greedy gardeners always want more or different than what we have.

  • Jan (Thanks For 2 Day)

    Shades of blues and favorites! As everyone else has said, the wood hyacinths are lovely. It's really spring in your garden Tessa! Enjoy yourself;-0

  • Tatyana

    I like purple color and have a lot of it in my garden, although I never planned a purple garden. Somehow, it just happened... They say that deers don't like purple! Beautiful images, Tessa!

  • Maureen

    Tessa You have had Lot's of comments for a lovely post. I have been so busy lately that I don't always get to visit everyone's blogs and then realise how much I miss out, especially all the lovely photo's and of course picking up some hot tips(always handy). I know what you mean about finding it hard to work on both flower beds and edible plants, it's hard work isn't it ? but I am determined to grow and plant Lot's of flowers this year, especially the cutting kind as they are so expensive in the shops. Happy happy spring to you
    Maureen :)

  • Concrete Jungle LA

    Love the news from PDX... I lived there before LA. Enjoy that amazing fresh air and New Seasons grocery, *sigh* I miss that place!

  • JoAnn

    I'm enjoying your blog very much! I just love to see new buds on my garden too. I found you over at the gardeners rake blog and thought I'd come by. Glad I did!
    Btw, do you have an opinion on HR 875? I'm asking around because I just heard about this and it's been in congress since feb.

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