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Mar 31, 2009

Spring is definitely here!


I’ve been so busy sowing more seeds, harvest greens, and taking care of the greenhouse that I haven’t really taken the time to look around my beds to see what is perking up! I’ve also been watching all your gardens and I’m truly amazed at how beautiful they are! My beds are a mess! I’m not really great at bed or garden design, but I’m learning a lot by reading other blogs. Joy at GardenJoy4me has recently posted about her beds- they are just beautiful! Or how about Catherine at A Gardener in Progress, she has such beautiful things growing in her garden. And then there is Frances at FaireGarden her garden is really something and her pictures are stunning! And this is only the beginning of spring! I can hardly wait to see their gardens as we go through the year. These are only a few blogs that I visit regularly- there are probably close to 50! I can’t list them all, but if you too are looking for some inspiration don’t hesitate to visit these blogs along with the other great blogs in my blog roll at the bottom :)

Back to the growth going on here in my garden. I took a few shots today, not much but things are really growing fast.

Anemone and Bleeding Heart are doing well.


This Columbine (below left) was grown from seed about 7 years ago-  About 3 years ago I pulled it up right in the middle of bloom and moved it and it still grows. Last year, however, it didn’t do well, but there were babies all around it. Why it took so long to self sow I don’t know, but I plan on rounding them up and grouping them this year, just in case the original doesn’t do well again. On the right is a huge patch of Coreopsis. I brought this plant home and we thought for sure it was going to die- it didn’t look good to start with. It was a rescue plant. Now it has taken over a huge spot in the bird area bed and I love the way it looks- now if I could just design the bed to look a little better- ‘Sigh’ in time, I suppose.


Here is the bird bed (left). The Coreopsis is right of the cut down cherry tree, you can just barely see it starting to grow. The daylilies in this bed are getting bigger, along with the grape hyacinth. You can’t see the top of the cut tree, but I plan on drilling some huge holes in the stump and planting some lobelia or something :). On the right is Johnson’s Blue Geranium.


The Filipendula is coming up. Not long after planting this, I kind of decided that I really don’t care for it- again garden design ;) The dark red Scabiosa is doing well, but I really need to move these- they were planted way too close!


Seedlings are doing well. The ‘Gold Nugget’ yellow, cherry tomato has been moved to the greenhouse and is doing great! I started some more the other day to go in a hanging bag, but it hasn’t germinated yet.

The crops in tunnel#1 are growing well. I think they really like the weather! The mound of growth in front of the tunnel is Oregano- very happy, it seems.


We finally got pictures of what we think is a Bushtit. We had purchased one of those cheap suet blocks and tie wrapped it to the squirrel feeder- no one liked it! Then a few weeks later these little guys show up- they are so cute!


And the first bouquet of the year- not much, but it was pretty!

Not too much going on in the garden, but it’s something. I have started a lot of seed recently, and some have germinated- I’ll post on those next time!

Here is a slide of the flowers above in bloom- hope you like it!





Happy Gardening,



  • Frances

    Hi Tessa, thanks so much for the link love! I do appreciate that and your sweet comments. You have plenty going on in your garden I think. The anemones are a favorite of mine, and all the other things you show. You are ahead of me with the bleeding hearts, those are late this year, even though some things are early. Don't you adore the columbines? I love that they self seed too, in case the older ones die off, they can be short lived. The seeds need light to germinate, so if you mulch the area, you might not get the baby columbines.

  • GardenJoy4Me

    Hey Tessa !
    Thanks for the mention girl ! I'm still watching the slide show you have here it is great ! You have a lot going on even now with all the blooms bursting forth girl .. and the seedlings .. not for the faint of heart like me : )
    I bought new pruners (probably will buy another pair again) .. and the grab bags got me with 4 fern leaf dicentras .. King of Hearts and Aurora, you can never have too many of these .. right ? Spring is dancing my way !

  • Daphne

    I love the Faerie Garden too. So many beautiful plants. I spent my day in the perennial border cleaning up (I probably won't get to writing about it until tomorrow), but really I don't pay much attention to it. I spend too much of my time in the veggie garden.

    Your garden is so far ahead of mine. I have the same geranium that you do. I can barely see the shoots starting to come up. My coreopsis is just a hint of green at the bottom. My daylilies are just a couple of inches tall. They are slowly getting there. Yours already look nice.

  • gardenerprogress/Catherine

    Tessa it looks great there! You have lots going on. I love your slide show. I can't wait to see bleeding hearts in bloom! Those do look like bushtits. I think they are the cutest!
    Thanks for the compliments, but I must say I feel the same way about your garden when you show all the great happenings in your greenhouse!

  • Tatyana

    Hi Tessa! I like your slide show, and the pictures show that spring arrived to OR and WA. I'm in Canada skiing and I understand why all the blotanists from Canada are so tired of winter! It's still very wintery here!
    My columbine spreads like crazy. I tried to dig it out, but it's back! Your idea of grouping it is very good. It should create a great display!

  • Gardeness

    You have tons of things well on their way in your garden. What are you talking about "not much?" And now I know it's definitely anemone I've got growing in the back garden. Thanks for the help. The bushtits are quite cute. I spotted them awhile back in our yard but haven't seen them since. Did you have more sun today? We had some, but quite a bit of rain.

  • Megan

    I love the little flocks of bushtits. They take a while to find the suet, but once they do, they do love it. And often they bring a single chickadee friend with them, who comes and gets one seed and flies away. At least that's how they do it in my yard, where I put sunflower seeds next to the suet.
    If that filipendula needs a good new home that would love it and take care of it... ;)

  • Patsi (Garden Endeavors)

    You're one busy gardener!!
    You reminded me...hope my coreopsis come back this year.
    Neat looking feeder. Don't the squirrels eat the suet? Our's won't leave any for the birds.

  • DirtDigger (Tessa)

    Frances- I bet that's it. I did mulch a couple years in a row, so just last year they started to volunteer! I didn't even think of that :)

    Joy- I can't wait to see the dicentras growing- what a nice addition to your already beautiful beds!

    Daphne- Me too. I spend a lot more time these days on my crop bed and the greenhouse than anything. I'm going to try to split my time this year- my bed have been neglected a couple years in a row and I hadn't even done much to them yet! Like I've said, if you drove by my house, you wouldn't know a gardener lives here!

    Catherine- I learn so much from watching what you're growing in your beds! I love your Hellebore!

    Tatyana- Thanks, I'm glad you liked it. Yep, spring is here...finally! I think grouping things is the way to go in beds, but again, what do I know? I hope it will look good! Thanks for stopping by!

    Gardeness- Lots of rain! I wish it would calm down a bit. The wind has been bad too. We'll see how my beds do this year, I have a few things for them- I'm just not that great at it! Design I mean :). I'm glad to help on the mystery plant!

    Megan- If I decide to dig them up and give them away, I'll keep you in mind- good thing you live here :) Happy April!

    Patsi- Thanks for stopping by, nice to meet you. No one was interested in that suet for weeks, even the squirrel. Now the Bushtits have come to eat it up!

  • Stephanie

    Yes, Happy April Tessa! Thank you for dropping by my blog. I see that you are all excited about Spring already. Your plants are looking good and I am sure they will bloom beautifully in the coming months.Those birds at the feeder, they are really enjoying the food. Happy gardening and blogging!

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