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Apr 21, 2009

Dare I say it’s hot?


The funny thing about Portland is that it will be cold in the spring, and then BAM! It gets hot- 83 on Monday, today it was 80! Now when it’s in the 80 here, it feels hotter when you’re out working in it :). Now the weather is turning colder again and it will be in the 60’s.

The crops are certainly not used to the hot weather, so I was out there checking things and watering quite a bit. The greenhouse was well over 100 degrees, so it was definitely time to put that shade cloth on that DH bought for my birthday this year.

I will be leaving to go to the beach this week for our women’s retreat (Calvary Chapel Oregon City), so I’ve been busy hardening things off and getting a couple things planted. I wanted to try to get things to a point that it won’t be too much work for DH while I’m gone. I’m trying to get things done inside as well (Yes, Andy, I’m practicing guitar too!) And some of the plants have gone to friends and family so they can get planted.

There is a little bit of this and that in the above photo, Nicotiana, Hollyhock, a bunch of Lobelia and more. They are all waiting to go in the ground as soon as I return from the beach. That is if they’re still alive when I get back ;)

I planted a few Lobelia, here and there, and three of the Shasta Daisy went in the other day. I haven’t gotten pictures of those yet, but I’ll be sure to do that after I get back.

The lettuce, mizuna, and beet greens (well actually they are deep red!) in the cold frame will all be harvested this week to go with me to the retreat- nothing like a fresh, home grown salad! I’ll be sure to take plenty of shots of the harvest!

I’ll be posting as usual next week. I hope you all are having great spring weather!

Happy Gardening!




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