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Apr 16, 2009

Dex pot update


I wanted to give a quick update with the Dex paper pots. For all of you trying paper pots this year, be warned! It is easy to over water. Just when I’ve finally gotten the hang of watering in the greenhouse and cold frame, I just had to try something new to challenge me. Sad, but I’ve over watered the zucchini! No surprise to me- proper watering has always been a bit of a struggle for me.



Luckily, not all of them have the yellow seed leaves, and this is not disastrous! I just need to cut back on watering and let them recover a bit. They will be hardened off this week and then set out in the garden- I say they, but I will only be planting one, the others go to friends and family. Speaking of that, if I’m growing these for you, it’s time to come get them, along with anything else that I’ve started for you :). The watermelon will hang out in the greenhouse a while longer, and then it will go into a big, black, plastic trash can I cut in half last year.

I love spring!

Happy Gardening,




  • RainGardener

    That's too bad Tessa. I think we overwater too and I know we could probably cut back a bit.

  • Daphne

    At least in paper pots they dry out fast, so they will recover soon enough. If you over water in plastic pots they take forever to dry out.

  • Stephanie

    I have the same problem with water too. I hope they are able to recover. Have wonderful day today! Btw. thank you for joining my blog Tessa! I am honoured.

  • lynn'sgarden

    Hi Tessa, I love that you have snapdragons in bloom already! Such a pretty pink one too! I love growing the Rocket Mix and some even come back through our tough winters. Thanks for the warning on these DEX pots and your seedlings WILL bounce back!

  • Photos 01

    What you are describing makes me even more not want to start seeds inside! I'll wait until the ground gets good and warm and I'll sow my seeds outdoors. Do you ever pick your flowers and create still life images out of them? I do. Today I posted a still life image I did of black-eyed susans; yesterday I posted an image of the chicory wildflower. Come visit me at

  • Muddy Boot Dreams

    My sister, Turf Toter, uses a longer version of these type of newspaper pots for her sweet peas. She only just mentioned it to me after I planted 4 packages. AHHHH!

    The pot looks somewhat similar to a cigar and she stands them up in a container. The sweet peas get nice long roots, and the entire pot goes into the garden. Well there is always next year to try it out.


  • Teresa O'Connor

    Hi Tessa: Overwatering really is one of the biggest problems out there -- and I'm guilty as well. Looks like you caught them in plenty of time. Happy gardening. Teresa

  • DirtDigger (Tessa)

    Linda- Glad I'm not the only one!

    Daphne- Yes, I'm glad they weren't in plastic! Now if I just don't let them dry out too much ;)

    Stephanie- You're very welcome! You are a new find for me, so I've enjoyed looking around on your blog! Malaysia is so pretty!

    Lynn- That's what I told them this morning! I'll have to look for that variety of Snapdragon- this is my first year trying them, and I just love them.

    Photos 01- just had a look around your blog, very nice work. I use PSP7 and love it. Another great program is Painters Essentials 4- love that program. I only have the trial, and need to buy it! Check out the post 'Photos to Paintings' Thanks for stopping.

    Jen- Yep, that's my next project- maybe for fall? I'm also in the process of inventing my own 'root trainers'. We'll see what I come up with! Right now, my sweet peas and regular peas are started in an 8" pot or bigger in vermiculite. The roots grow nice and long.

    Teresa- Thanks so much for visiting and happy gardening to you too!

  • Becca's Dirt

    Hi Tessa - I just happened upon your blog through another blogger. I love this blog world. My name is Becca and it is so good to meet you. You have a lovely blog. Nice looking babies in the pots.

  • Joanne

    Tessa I'm afraid I would overwater too. I never get the temperature/water right I watered yesterday and it has been cold and wet today so that makes the greenhouse damp. As to pots I end up with all the neighbours cast offs which can be good but as I don't like throwing anything away they do rather clutter up the lower shelves in the greenhouse.


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