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Apr 11, 2009

Garden update


Just a few quick pictures of the garden-

The early broccoli is not looking great and I’ve lost a couple. I’m going to cut a couple more out too. I’m going to let them continue and see how they do so next year I can adjust my seed starting schedule.



The bleeding heart is getting really big!

There used to be a Hebe right behind this- but I lost it with our last winter :(










Everything in Chenille #1 is growing quickly now. I need to thin the spinach and the radish will be ready soon too. I also need to thin out that lettuce. Yummy! Baby spinach omelets!

I am really impressed with the new lettuce ‘Breen’ I’m trying this year. It grows nice and compact, has good flavor, and is perfect for mini-head production.

The Lily bulbs I threw in the ground last year are coming up-


Some of the crops in the cold frame need to be harvested and something else planted. Not sure what I’ll put in there next, I need to give in some thought :)

Mizuna, Lettuce ‘Salad Bowl Blend’, and the Beets ‘Bull’s Blood’ are looking great- I’ve eaten off of these plants for a while now and I think the Mizuna and Lettuce will be finished up this week. Time for another big salad! I have Swiss Chard that I started in here that needs to be transplanted to a tunnel somewhere and I threw in some Marigold seeds I saved from last year- I’m still waiting for these to germinate and then I’ll move them as well. The carrot is still growing- Wow! Are they slow! I’ve obviously started using the cold frame as a germination area now- not sure what I’ll start in there next.


Some of the plants I started in winter have been planted. A snapdragon, along with the mystery plant that is looking more and more like a snapdragon- and one I left in a 3 inch pot accidently all went into the garden. I also planted most of the Flax. The greenhouse tomatoes will be planted into their permanent places in there this week. There is one day this week that is supposed to dip down in temps, so I’m waiting for that day to pass before I do the tomatoes.

The peas are growing fine, but I ended up with a few bare spots! Darn slugs!

Maybe I should run to the nursery and get a couple to fill in? Probably not- I’ll just leave them to have more room :)






There is so much more! I have been so busy and the camera has been left in the house a lot as I end up so muddy! I’ll post more later in the week. In the meantime,

Happy Gardening to you all- and have a blessed Easter!



  • Sue

    Hi Tessa, Yours is the first post I tried to pick this evening. It didn't work, so either there was a problem here, or with blotanical.

    I thoroughly enjoyed seeing the progress your veggies are making! I did my first thinning yesterday, but the lettuce is still pretty small. My white blooming bleeding heart is up, but the pink is not. I hope I didn't lose it.

  • Tatyana

    Tessa, everything is looking so good in your garden! Is it metal suppots that are used for broccoli and peas? Very neat.

  • gardenerprogress/Catherine

    That third picture looks like something you'd see in a magazine, so neat and colorful! Soon the bleeding hearts will be in bloom, I just love them!
    Have a great Easter with your family!

  • DirtDigger (Tessa)

    Sue- I sent you a message in blotanical. I hope your bleeding heart is okay! Isn't it nice when the weather warms up and the lettuce just takes off? Happy gardening to you :)

    Tatyana- Thanks! Yes, the wire I use is for early crops so I can put plastic on it, and I use another one, upright, for the peas. They are re-enforcing wire grids that I found at Home Depot- in the construction supply area.

  • Muddy Boot Dreams

    Isn't it wonderful to see anything growing at all?


  • Joanne

    Looking good

  • Daphne

    I love that photo of the plants under your chenille. Luscious, green, beautiful and best of all ready to start eating. I'm hoping my greens are like that in a couple of weeks. I so want to eat from the garden.

  • GardenJoy4Me

    Tessa .. wow girl ! You have so much on the go it is amazing : )
    I'm really behind here but we are supposed to have a long week of sun and warmer temps (if the deck guys have any more excuses I think you will hear me screaming from here ?)
    Once Spring really hits here .. we move so fast into summer it is frightening !!

  • Blossom

    Hey, we lose some and then gain another. That's the game we play in the garden. I love your veggies. That is the first broccoli plant I see. Wow ... I love broccoli. See you!

  • Bangchik and Kakdah

    It is nice to see plants growing... cheers! ~ bangchik

  • Stewart

    Wow you've been a busy girl, It's all looking lovely though.

  • Dirt Princess

    You have a lot of great beds going on there. I wish I had a place to grow veggies. I have to berry trees...but no veggies. I hope to oneday have a big garden....veggie that is. I have it all mapped out in my head!!

  • Kathleen

    Everything still looks like it's going strong to me Tessa. Even if you've lost a bit. A fresh picked salad sounds delicious as does a spinach omelet. I'm going to have to get with seed starting so I can make my own! Hope you had a good Easter?

  • DirtDigger (Tessa)

    Thanks everyone for stopping by- sorry I'm so behind on replies! Too much to do :)

    Happy Gardening!

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