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Apr 8, 2009

In the ground :)


After a few really sunny, wonderful days I decided today is the day to plant out my test tomato- well, it’s really the only tomato that I will be growing in the garden. The others will stay in the greenhouse.

This tomato has been blown around a bit today, but it is a perfect day for transplanting- overcast, but warmish (except for the wind).



I had to dig a really deep hole and take some stems off. The root system looked really nice and there are blooms on it. I’ve read so many conflicting views of planting or not planting them when there are blossoms on them, so this year I thought I’d see what happens.

I’ve placed this one in one of my higher tunnels, so it will be well protected. Good thing too because our sun is about to go away for a while and we’ll be having showers on and off.


Yummy! I can’t wait! I gave the blossoms a little calcium spray the other day (1 of 3 doses), put some bone meal in the planting hole for fast roots development and mudded it in. A support may not be needed because I have the reinforcing grid over it for a tunnel- maybe a few stakes later on, we’ll see.

I hope you all are enjoying your gardens today!


Happy Digging everyone!



  • Anonymous

    Hi Tessa~~ Best wishes for your tomato. It looks very healthy and robust. There will be no more frosts this spring. We're done with cold weather. Maybe these and other warm declarations will do the trick.

  • Daphne

    Wow a tomato in the garden already. My tomatoes are just starting to come up. They are a long way until they go out.

  • lynn'sgarden

    Tessa, that is one healthy looking tomato plant!! I can't believe it's flowering already! I only grow cherry tomats as the larger varieties always get mishappen and bugs get to it before I can enjoy them..oh well..

  • Stephanie

    This tomato plant looks very healthy :-) As I am reading your blog, I am learning something new. TQ for posting this. Have a good day!

  • DirtDigger (Tessa)

    Grace- Yes! We need lots of declarations! Lets all says them really loud too!

    Daphne- I remember just a while ago you were contemplating starting yours- I'm sure they will be a much better and easier transplanting size! I started mine too early, we'll see what happens :)

    Lynn- Are you having trouble with the fruit or the plant? Or both? I'd be interested in knowing what kind of cherry varieties you grow- have you found any that are not thick skinned?

    Stephanie- Thanks, and glad you enjoyed it!

    Thanks for stopping by everyone!

  • Karen

    So, a cloche is enough to keep it warm at this time of year? What if it grows too big? In Seattle you can't put tomatoes out before Mother's Day. Maybe you have figured out the secret to the earliest harvest in the NW!

  • DirtDigger (Tessa)

    Karen- Well, this is a sort-of test plant. I buried in very deep so that will the cooler temps should slow down the growth a bit. The tunnel is higher than my other ones as I'm using the reinforcing grids. Usually, with tomatoes, if it's not hot enough they'll just sit and wait until it is. We'll see what happens. I've put tomatoes in the ground before, quite early, and ended up getting early tomatoes :) This variety is also a early one.

  • inadvertent farmer

    I now officially have tomato envy...that is one killer looking tomato plant, I can't believe it is so big and in bloom already. I'm going to go show your plant to my tomato seedling to try to shame them into growing faster...great post! Kim

  • Daffodil Planter

    Mmmm. I can smell those tomato leaves now. Good growing, dirtdigger!

  • Kathleen

    lol on Graces declarations. If they work, I'm going to say some of my own!! I think you're going to be eating tomatoes soon Tessa ~ they look that amazing. You have done a wonderful job with seed starting. Very inspiring and funny about the aubrieta too (that you're growing it and have some already). It's pretty tho so maybe more is good??

  • Sarah P

    Ah, I think I finally figured out how to post comments! I have to sign into Google first? Your blog and your garden are looking great! Love to see that lime green against black dirt.

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