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Apr 6, 2009

They’re making a nest!


Sunday, we were walking in our front door and noticed the Chickadee’s were flying around in our front tree- DH noticed they were making a nest! We grabbed the camera quickly!

So cute! I love the Chickadees! I’m a little worried that the House Sparrows will get in there and do their murderous act, however. I saw them this morning chasing the Chickadees around in the back- terrible birds! Makes me want to shoot them! Does anyone have any ideas on how to avoid this travesty? Some people say it’s the way of nature- well I disagree. House Sparrows are not indigenous to North America, just like the Starlings. You can actually trap and kill Starlings! And according to Wikipedia, the House Sparrow is not protected by law either. I know they kill Adult Blue jays too! So, what are your experiences with this destructive pest?

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  • gardenerprogress/Catherine

    Isn't it fun to watch them? I've had the sparrows chase birds out of a birdhouse before but it was before they had laid eggs. They had just started building. Hope they can safely have their babies there.

  • Gardeness

    Yikes! I don't even know what a House Sparrow looks like. I hope we get to see some nesting birds around our yard this year. So far they're just enjoying the feeders. I'm also hearing a frog of some kind but haven't spotted it yet. Just happy to know the garden is drawing such creatures.

  • GardenJoy4Me

    Tessa .. I adore the little chickadees too ..
    With this horrible snow this morning all the birds look cold and confused .. I feel sorry for them .. the Robinator looks like he is saying a lot of naughty words in his head ? LOL

  • Karen

    Oh dear, I had no idea the sparrows were so nasty! I think of jays as the tough guys, surprised to hear they can be taken down by such a small bird. I hope your chickadees make it, they truly are the cutest bird on earth. They seem plentiful, so on the whole they must be doing okay. I get very stressed out during nesting season too, I'm always out there patrolling for cats and other nogoodniks in the garden. I have defended nests from crows and jays as well when I can. Not sure what tactics would work, you don't want to upset the 'dee parents. If you find out, let me know! I'm with you, invaders beware (non-violently, anyway).

  • Patsi (Garden Endeavors)

    Don't want to kill any birds... I've been told when they try and make the nest their own just keep cleaning it out.
    Good luck...keep us posted.

  • Kathleen

    omg, Tessa, I didn't know house sparrows were that aggressive. I don't care for them and go round and round with them myself. I do what Patsi said, clean their nests out of anywhere I can find. I'll be watching this post carefully too in case you get a good response! I love those little chickadees and like you, want them to succeed. Keep us posted!

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