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May 21, 2009


After not being out in the garden for a while, it was nice to get out there and do some harvesting, planning and weeding. I really need to get some organization done out there too, but I want to take little steps so as not to burn myself out again!

Here is today’s harvest- Yum!

Beet ‘Bull’s Blood’, Broccoli ‘Green Sprouting Calabrese’, Lettuce ‘Breen’

Beet greens (burgundy), broccoli, and lettuce ‘Breen’. I have to say that the beets have been my best crop this year, so far. The leaves have been relatively untouched by slugs and are simply delicious in a salad. I can’t wait to taste the beets! They are a great double duty plant, making them top on my list for next year!

The broccoli I was disappointed in. Well, maybe not disappointed in, but I really can’t justify growing it unless you have a ton of space and can get a good succession going. Since they are cool weather crops, it might work to use a bunch of your beds to grow them maybe a couple weeks apart and when harvesting begins, you’d have broccoli for quite a few weeks. If you don’t have the room to do this, I can’t see it being that much of a money saving crop- but the taste is so much better than store bought! So, if I had the room, I’d grow this every year.

The new variety of lettuce I tried this year, ‘Breen’ , I’ve been very happy with. It is a romaine type and grows beautifully!

Other things I harvested today-

Lettuce ‘Salad Bowl Blend’

This is one of the remaining lettuces from the cold frame. I’m not sure the variety of this one as it was one from the ‘Salad Bowl Blend’- an oak leaf type. I like this lettuce, but my only complaint is that it doesn’t last in the fridge as long as other types of lettuce- but still good, you just have to eat it up faster! The bowl above it my largest serving bowl and that is only one plant!

I harvested a little Hong Vit and some Swiss Chard today as well!

Swiss Chard ‘Ford hook Giant’ and Hong Vit

And lastly, spinach. I only harvested enough to fit in my steamer bowl, but I may harvest some more tomorrow to go into the other steamer bowl as it take quite a bit jammed in there to amount to anything steamed. I kept some for the salad as well. I’ve really noticed that while I was being burner out the insects became more active! This is a new variety I’m trying this year and I really like how it grows more upright than others I’ve tried. Spinach is one crop that really needs to be sown close together, thinned for salads and then you leave some, spaced about 6”, to mature for steaming just before its season is done. Next year I will sow a lot more rows so I’ll have a bit more to steam.

Spinach ‘Olympia Hybrid Smooth’

I hope all your harvests are plentiful!

Happy gardening,



Hi all! I made a boo-boo in this post. I reported harvesting Red Komatsuna when the green I harvested was Hong Vit, which is also an Asian green used in salads, stir-fry, and soups! Sorry for the mix up, and thanks goes to Daphne at Daphne's Dandelions for asking questions about my variety of Red Komatsuna or I wouldn't have caught it! I haven't even started mine yet :)


  • Aerie-el

    Looks delicious! What time did you say dinner will be? :)
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  • Daphne

    That looks like a wonderful harvest. Very similar to mine, but I'm missing the broccoli :<. I'm not sure I'm going to get any. Also I just have regular Komatsuna. I figured Red Komatsuna would be red. I suppose one of my purple mizuna plants is almost green. The other one has a lot of purple in the stem and edges though. Either way your Komatsuna is really pretty. How do you use it? I'm trying to find more ways to use it than just my typical generic greens recipe.

  • Pusepilde

    Looking great!
    That broccoli looked like the one I had great success with last year. Sown late, but really was worth it all. We had problems eating it all, there was so much side shoots coming...

    who planted my cabbages today. Salad's still in the greenhouse.

  • Jan (Thanks For 2 Day)

    Wow, you are having a wonderful turnout! Congrat's on such great veggies-they look very healthy!

  • DirtDigger (Tessa)

    Thanks all for commenting! Daphne- note the correction above. It is not Red Komatsuna, which! It's Hong Vit! What a space I am :)

    Happy gardening!

  • Outside In

    Looks so yummy! growing your own does taste better than the store bought veggies.

  • gardenerprogress/Catherine

    How come the veggies I grow never look this good? :) I think you must have more patience with them than me. I'm just hoping to get some tomatoes on the ones I started from seed. The broccoli starts I planted have been almost completely eaten by slugs.

  • Anonymous

    Wow Tessa~~ Nice crop. And pretty. And healthy. Yum.

  • Gardeness

    Beautiful harvest Tessa, and bountiful! Do you have a good resource for determining how much to plant -- we're a family of 2.5 ;) We've been enjoying spinach, arugula, lettuce and radishes but we're gobbling it up fast.

  • Avis

    Chard is the best and I'm impressed with your lettuce. I'm experimenting with growing lettuce inside on the windowsill, so we'll see how it goes. Cheers!

  • Anonymous

    Great looking veggies... I really love your posts... Thanks for sharing with us. I live on the central Oregon coast and have expanded my garden this year. It's really hard to grow things here. My chard and beets are taking forever to grow, lettuce grows like a weed. I am doing a lot of experimenting to see what I can grow. Living a mile from the beach makes it rough!

  • DirtDigger (Tessa)

    Gardeness- You know I don't think I've really made a plan on how much. I just plant and make note of if we like it and if I need to plant more the next year. Things like Zucchini are a no brainer- 1 plant/family! If you find a handy resource for that please let me know! Happy gardening :)

  • Patsi 'Garden Endeavors'

    Ok, now I'm hungry.
    You giving me ideas for my inlaws garden. They have plenty of space and love to cook and eat fresh veggies. hmmm

  • Kathleen

    I was thinking how healthy you must be too with all these yummy "organically homegrown" veggies in your garden. It all looks delicious and I'm sure tastes so good (& light years better than all the same stuff I'm buying at the grocery store). Happy harvesting Tessa. It's great to reap the rewards of all your hard work, isn't it?

  • Hocking Hills Gardener

    Okay, bring on the dressing! Your veggies look yummy Tessa.Have a great and safe weekend.


    What a great harvest. I wish I had the space for broccoli but sadly I don't. It must taste so good when it's fresh. Your greens look great. I haven't tried that variety of spinach before but I really like correnta spinach.

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