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May 4, 2009

Monday Seedling Update


Time for another seedling update! Not too much to report, but I did find a volunteer seedling that I’m very happy about!



Volunteer Zucchini

This little volunteer Zucchini showed up a few days ago, and boy am I glad! My Dex pot Zucchini started looking really bad! Note to self: start them later next year, if you plan on using the Dex pots :). I planted a couple anyway- live or die, but this volunteer will make up for it, I’m hoping :). It is much healthier anyway.



Very sad, sad Zucchini!

As you can see my Zucchini is very sad! The volunteer is right next to it, so it will be interesting to see which one will do better- I’m sure it will be the volunteer! We’re in for more torrential downpours this week and who knows what next week, so I’ll be watching to see which one I need to cut out.
After all, you only really need one zucchini! Any more than that and I’d go nuts getting rid of them! I do plan to start another one (or a few) this new round will replace my current one when they start to get a little unruly! I’ve read that people do this because they get so big and take up so much room, so I’ve decided to give that a try. I’ll be sure to move it up a pot size when needed, until I’m ready to make the switch. It should be an interesting experiment.


Broccoli- second round :) 
The second round of broccoli is doing very well, even considering the horrible wind and downpour we had yesterday. I only planted 3 of them this time and gave the rest away to friends. Because they take 70 days to maturity, I’m not sure that the timing for these was great either, the first one was too early, and this one could be too late- as they are a cool season crop, I’m hoping our weather will be nice and mild :). 


We have broccoli! 
I am happy to report that the first round has some signs of real broccoli! Yippee! I lost maybe half the plants, but we’ll have some! 


Eggplant is in the ground, folks! 'Hansel' The eggplant baby was finally planted out yesterday (5/2). The soil was really warm when I uncovered the chenille and felt the weed mat! I was surprised because our temps have been a little lower than I’d like. Later the same day was when we had the wind and hard rain- I was glad I had that chenille up!


Yipee! Beans are up!

The green beans are up! Along with a ton of tiny weeds! I sifted some soil from another place in the garden and put it in with the soil I used to build up this bed- blah! I have awoken little,  sleeping giants, dang it! 


Hmmm, tomatos in a bag?

I hung my tomato bag, so it’s vertical now- it’s amazing how fast the little plants turn their tips up! I’d say an hour later and they were looking skyward :). This is the first time I’ve grown in these bags, so it should be interesting to see how they do. I still need to plant something in the top- hmmm, I must have something that would do well in a bag, I’ll have to give that some thought.


A few weeks back, I made some under sowings of Red Komatsuna between and under the remains of the Mizuna. It has grown nicely and was protected by the few Mizuna that needed to be harvested just before I left for our CCOC Women’s Retreat. Now the Mizuna has been harvested completely and I’m left with some great little Komatsuna seedlings. I probably will be sowing some more, here and there, to fill it in a little. I’m also thinking of mixing in some NZ Spinach.


Variety 'Night & Day'

The Nasturtium I planted here and there is up! The variety I chose this year is called ‘Night and Day’ I can’t wait to see them- I just love Nasturtium and this year I plan on trying them in my salads! I not 100% sure these are all the variety I planted this year, however, so I might be in for a good mix. I’ll have to look at my records to see what variety I planted last year.


Where the hell is the Lantana?

Here we have our Lantana seedlings- aren’t they beautiful? Yes siree! They are gonna be the show of the garden this year- I can just see cars stopping by to ask what they are, and where they can get some!

Okay, I was patient! I read online that they can take from 40-62 days to germinate. I knew it would be a challenge...but couldn’t at least one germinate? I purchased the seeds from a good company. All that grew was moss. It was very hard to get the water just right- I only watered the flat once before I sowed, let it drain, and then one more time after that. I don’t know what happened, but I’m not going to give at least with the next flat that I sow- I dumped this one!

I must end on a good and bountiful here you go.

Salad anyone?


Yesterday’s harvest was wonderful! Yummy! The lettuce ‘Salad Bowl’ is just about finished up in the cold frame and chenille/tunnel #1. Lettuce ‘Focea’, ‘Red Star’ and the new variety I’m trying this year ‘Breen’, are all going strong. I’m really impressed with ‘Breen’ and may add it to my staples list. Spinach thinning is now complete and the beets greens are getting less red with the weather warming, but are just as good! The radishes are all finished up, and I may do one more sowing. Yummy! Time for a salad :).

Now if I can only get those tomatoes going!

                                                Outdoor tomato variety ‘New Girl’


Now don’t forget to head on over to Daphne’s Dandelions and check out her seedling update! I'm sure she has some harvests to report as well.

Happy Gardening!




  • Becca's Dirt

    Hi Tessa - you sure have a lot going on. The fresh veggies look so good and makes me hungry for a salad. I did not get the cool crops planted this year. I have spring/summer stuff in the ground. Our springs are warm. Don't ya just love to see those seedlings. Happy gardening... Becca

  • DirtDigger (Tessa)

    Becca- So glad you stopped by. I was just at your blog and your dog looks like he could be my dog's twin. Very cute! Is he a good garden dog? Yep, I'm very thankful for the volunteers! Happy gardening to you too.

  • Anonymous

    Hi Tessa~~ I like the zucchini idea. The plants do get more than a bit rangy after several weeks of summer. Why not pull it and plant a new one? Genius!

    The weather was pretty wild Saturday afternoon. I had been to a plant sale in the morning. Luckily the rain stopped while I was waiting in line but boy did it return with a vengeance.

    May showers bring June flowers or something like that. :)

  • gardenerprogress/Catherine

    My zucchini is looking similar to yours. I was just out checking to see what is growing in the veggie area and not a lot is. The slugs got all the lettuce seedlings. I'm waiting for my nasturtiums to sprout, I love all the different varieties there are.
    We are in for a wind storm tonight :(

  • Outside In

    looking good...ever tried to bring the lantanas indoors during the winter? they are easy, don't have to provide light they just go into dormancy.
    And when summer time comes set it outdoors and they revive easily. Best to store them in the basement and water once a month, they are one of my favorites.

  • Stephanie

    Hello Tessa, the vertical tomato plants, I hope they will climb on the bag itself ;-) Good idea!

  • Kathleen

    Growing from seed is really interesting isn't it Tessa? You never know what will happen. I've had failures like the Lantana too and I never know why ~ did I need to refrigerate first, use a heat mat, etc. I think you have some great ideas and your seedlings have done remarkably well despite everything.

  • lynn'sgarden

    Hey Tessa! Nothing like a wonderful salad from your very own garden :) Nasturiums are good in them, peppery tasting but I like it for the color it adds. You reminded me I need to sow my pole beans now.

  • DirtDigger (Tessa)

    Grace- Yep, something like that :). I hope the zucchini idea works- I just hate it when they get all big and out of control!

    Catherine- Has the weather been crazy or what? Yes, I'm hoping that I'll have a few different varieties that volunteer from previous years- the Nasturtiums, I mean. :)

    Cathy- No, I've never tried that, thanks for the idea. I wanted to try some from seed as they are a plant that is sought after and pricey as well. If I get some growing, I'll definitely try your idea :).

    Stephanie- That is the idea, or so it says ;) I have more of them and I think I'll put some flowers in them. The tomato is a cherry type, so we'll see how they do.

  • DirtDigger (Tessa)

    Kathleen- Thank you, for the encouraging words! Know that it is really appreciated :). I was just looking at my log book and I really have started a lot this wonder I'm a little burned out! You gave me an idea, I'm gonna give those Lantana seeds a cold treatment before trying again!

    Lynn- I hope your weather is nicer than ours! It is pouring, but the night temps are coming up, so that is good. Good luck with your beans :)

  • Muddy Boot Dreams

    Hi Tessa, yes it is a variagated hosta. It is one of my favorites. Patriot. Beautiful big leaves, and very contrasting colors.


  • Darla

    You got it going on! Interesting the tomato bag, please keep us updated on that!

  • DS

    I like the zucchini-replacement idea too, be curious to see if it works. In my experience, volunteers are always the healthiest and furthest-ahead plants in the place. I've also found that setting out seed after the last-frost date gets me curcurbits at approximately the same time as any carefully-nurtured starts, so I've give up on the starts - although I don't use all the season-extenders you do.

    I tried a homemade version of 'Night and Day' nasturtiums last year; I only got a tepid showing on the 'day' part. Hope I can enjoy yours vicariously or, even better, that they will send out 'good growth' vibes mine can tap into.

  • May

    The tomato bag looks interesting! I wonder what one is supposed to do with the tomatoes - won't their weight drag the plants down? Yeah, I never grew tomatoes ;o) Well yes once last year but the whole crop went to waste due to rainy weather and no heat.

  • Daphne

    It is so sad to read backwards. I know what is going to happen to those poor little bean plants. I didn't know your Komatsuna was red. I love pretty colored plants. I've got the boring green kind growing. It seems to be the fastest growing green of any of my brassicas.

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