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May 11, 2009

Monday Seedling Update

I’ve been a little under the weather the last two weeks, so I’m really behind in starting more seeds (and blogging too). We’ve also been having a lot of heavy rain, until the last couple days, so not a lot has gone out in the garden. At least I haven’t had to water much :).
To start, unfortunately, I have bad news :(- something has totally eaten my green beans!


They barely had their seed leaves up and, munch! Skeletonized almost overnight! I’m guessing flea beetles are to blame. I’m seeing the same thing on the Hollyhock I planted out not too long ago, and last year my Black-Eyed Susan was almost devoured too. All in May. I sprayed some neem oil on them and gave them a fert. boost, but I think they’re toast. I’m going to start some in the greenhouse and test my own version of root trainers. Time for another experiment! More on that later :).

The Pac Choi I started in the cold frame are all doing well. I only started 3, just for a trial, to see how they do and if we like it or not. I’ll probably start more.

The carrot next to it should be getting close to harvesting...I hope! They take forever!
I have some seedlings ready to go in the very front that I should be planting out this week.


They are: Iberis, yellow and purple Alyssum, and rock cress. Some of the Alyssum has buds on it, so I’d really like to get them in the ground permitting, of course.
While not seedlings, we did manage to get some things in the ground this weekend! We lost 3 of the 5 Pieris shrubs we planted last year. After the nasty winter we had, we’ve lost a few things. This is the bed that the above seedlings will go in too.

The ones on the ends survived and have a lot of growth. We’ve always been so busy growing food that these beds really haven’t been worked on, so I’m glad I have a few things to brighten them up!
We also planted a few things one of the beds next to our front door. Some Shasta Daisy and Salvia. I’m a little concerned that it might be too cool still at night for the Salvia, but they’ve been hardening off for a while now so we’ll see what happens.


I’ll add more Salvia there on the front edge as the weather permits. Towards the back, along the house wall (starting far left) the Iris is budding. Against the wall on the right are a bunch of Nicotiana volunteers! I will be setting out some more to join them so they aren’t lonely- new varieties too! The Shasta Daisy is right by the little wheel barrel. In the middle there is the Gooseneck Loosestrife that I fight a little every year- in likes to invade a little and almost crowded out my coneflower I started from seed- it looks like 2 of the coneflower are there this year! I also have some Daylilies, and Veronica that I just love. I lost one Veronica, however. Below is a shot of the two together- just beautiful together. Not the best photo, it was taken the first year planted, and not too many blooms on the Daylilies.

Well I’ll end here, since this was supposed to be about seedlings! Just one more photo- hope you all had a great Mother’s Day!

lilac3 Lilac in bloom ‘Beauty of Moscow’

Don’t forget to check out what Daphne has growing over at Daphne’s Dandelions!

Happy Gardening!



  • Megan

    I have no idea how all this growing from seed works, but seeing everything you do is helping me build courage to try. I keep thinking NOW it's too late, OK NOW it's really too late, but then I keep seeing seedlings around. I'll have to take closer note next spring and give it a shot myself.

  • DirtDigger (Tessa)

    Megan- Go for it! Start whatever you want and keep record so you can adjust it for next year :). I have some handy record keeping sheets for anyone to download in the orange box in my sidebar, if you'd like- you should be able to adjust them for your needs. I also use Garden Tracker to keep things organized too. Very inexpensive software that I've had for years! If you need any help, I'm here :)

  • ~

    I have been fighting flea beetles myself. They seem to leave more tiny holes, than large chewed areas like that. But they are new to me.

    The flea beetles ate all my eggplant seedlings. I bought one replacement eggplant and put a jar over it to see what results come of it. I will have to be careful when the sun comes out.... YIkes!

    I have no idea what the No-NoFollow/DoFollow Movement is, even after trying to Google it. LOL


  • Darla

    I am already having issues with aphids on my susans and milkweed. Your flower gardens are looking good.

  • DirtDigger (Tessa)

    Faith- The holes started out tiny and eventually there was nothing left to make a tiny hole in! Darn critters :). Good luck with your eggplant! Here is a site that will explain the no-no follow.
    Basically when someone leaves a comment on my blog, I want it to count for them, with search engines that is. By removing the no-follow tags in my html the link to their blog doesn't end up being a dead end :). I hope this is helpful :)

  • Anonymous

    Hi Tessa~~ I was thinking the same thing--that the devilish flea beetle will leave small holes. Hopefully the neem will take care of the little rascals. If we didn't love gardening so much we might get discouraged by all these setbacks. But tarry on we must. Hopefully the weather will be in our favor.

  • Jesikarena

    That lilac is BEAUTIFUL! I bet it smells great too! : )

  • Hocking Hills Gardener

    Tessa, I just love your pink lilac. It is so pretty and I bet it smells wonderful. Mine are all gone now :-(
    Those nasty bugs sure did a number on your plants. That is what the Japanese beetles do to my Rose of Sharon bushes.

  • DirtDigger (Tessa)

    Grace- Yeah, they were tiny holes at first, then skeletonized. I've narrowed it down to a few possibilities- flea beetles, army worms, Japanese beetles. They all can skeletonize leaves. I hope I figure it out soon, I only have 1 or 2 seedlings left!

    Jesikarena- Glad you like it and Yes, I was working out there today and the scent is heavenly!

  • DirtDigger (Tessa)

    Lona- Sorry to hear your Lilacs are done, they sure are pretty aren't they? Japanese beetles on your Rose of Sharon, huh? I'll have to go check mine and see if there are any holes in the leaves.

  • gardenerprogress/Catherine

    Your poor beans! I found something is eating my new hardy fuchsias. Seems bugs and weeds are at work no matter what the weather.
    How cool to have volunteer nicotiana. I didn't know they did. Looks like your seedlings are all doing good!

  • Liisa

    It looks as though your spring is off to a fabulous start (except the peas), (but, we won't mention them). Your veronica and lilacs are lovely!

  • john

    have something chomping on my lettuce. It sure gets frustrating when you try to be organic but what I have seen so far this year I may have to do something drastic. :(


  • Daphne

    Oh no the poor little beans. Slugs are always the thing that eat my beans to death - well the local groundhog occasionally has a taste for them too. Hopefully your next batch of beans will make it.

  • Kathleen

    What a gorgeous lilac Tessa. I don't have many flowers on mine this year ~ the frost got a lot of buds again (second year in a row). Such a shame about your seedlings. One good thing about living in a dry climate, we don't have all the pests that are everywhere else. I hope you don't end up losing them all. I still think you rock the seed starting. :-)

  • Pomona Belvedere

    Your beans look to me as though they have earwig damage, but that may be just a case of seeing what you're familiar with. Earwigs will crawl under old boards or into rolled-up newspapers, and then you can come out at night or in early morning and execute them. Don't know if that works for beetles.

    thanks for the 'Beauty of Moscow' picture, I haven't seen it out of nursery catalogues.

  • Tootsie

    that lilac is outstanding! I can't wait till mine open here. I am in Alberta Canada...we are still waiting for the last big dump of snow...say we are supposed to see a foot of it on Monday! ugh. at this point we don't even have leaves on the trees yet...have a great weekend

  • Patsi 'Garden Endeavors'

    Love salvia. Everything is looking good.
    Home grown veggies ...good for you !

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