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May 18, 2009

Monday Seedling Update


Last week I didn’t have too much to update you on. This week we have beans!

my root trainers


After my direct sown green beans were totally eaten, I decided to start them in the house. These are my version of root trainers! It will be interesting to see how they do. I simply used my paper pot maker, but made them a lot longer to allow for long roots. Today they are being moved to the greenhouse. It will be harder to control the moisture in the long paper pots, but they will probably get too tall for the light in the house very quickly. The forecast this week is nice, so it’s perfect timing. I accidentally purchased bush beans, so I will be starting some more of these in three weeks for a continual harvest...maybe. To be truthful, I think I’ve burned myself out this year, and all before the growing season really starts!

I also managed to start some Zinnia last week. They are doing well and will probably go in the greenhouse today as well.


They haven’t all germinated yet, and I’ll give it a few more days and pull out what has germinated putting them in 3” pots. The flat I sowed them in is a freebie I picked up on Fuchsia Day at our local Fred Meyer a few weeks back! This was a great find because I’d been looking for these everywhere! They told me to take as many as I wanted and I ended up with 7 of them :)!

I will be posting a garden update as soon as I can, so stay tuned!

Be sure to check out Daphne’s seedling and harvest update at Daphne’s Dandelions. I’m sure she has some great babies for you to look at!

I hope all is well in your garden, and as usual...

Happy Gardening,



  • Daphne

    Spring does wear us out a bit, doesn't it. I keep telling myself that once summer gets here things will be less hectic. The summer crops at least are mostly plant them and leave them alone except to harvest them. OK you still have some maintenance, but they aren't as time consuming as the cool weather crops that constantly need to be replanted in successions. I'm looking forward to my lazy days of summer right about now.

  • DirtDigger (Tessa)

    Daphne- I think I'm burned out because I garden year round, and this year I've grown more than I have in recent years! Hopefully you're right and I can just sit out there and relax in summer :)

  • Darla

    Slow down as not to burn yourself out, the season is just beginning. Seedlings look great.

  • Faith

    We're pretty tired too, but the rush is almost over, and things are going to slow down a little, moving on toward more long-term projects rather than a million little things each day.

    A paper pot maker!... Something new for me to look up and see if it could make my life any easier...


  • Patsi 'Garden Endeavors'

    Go girl !
    I'm so proud of you.

  • Megan

    Oh, I've overdone it before and been hit with the burnout, that's no fun. Take a little time to rest if you can. You really have done a lot, I'm always amazed to see your reports. You deserve a little break.

  • Outside In

    Paper pot maker is a neat idea, Happy Gardening!

  • Muddy Boot Dreams

    We usually have to wait almost until mid June to sow our beans outdoors. This year, it might be mid July.


  • Anonymous

    Hi Tessa~~ Two days ago I sowed (in ground) my purple yard long asparagus beans. They're starting to come up but I didn't think to bait for slugs. I've been so hesitant to plant my tenders but I think finally we are out of the cold weather. It won't be long before we're eating our veggies. (Hopefully)

  • DirtDigger (Tessa)

    Darla- Yep! I've had to slow down. This burnout was bad this time. I'm doing things here and there.

    Faith- I love the paper pot maker. Especially when I'm sowing things for others, it makes for easy transport!

    Patsi- Thanks so much, you're always so encouraging!

    Megan- Thanks for stopping by. Yeah, it's time to slow down a bit :)

    Cathy- Be sure to check out the papper pot maker, you won't be sorry :)

    Jen- Sorry to hear you're having colder than usual weather. We seem to be hitting the 50's now at night and my soil temps are in the 60's and 70's!

    Grace- I haven't seen a lot of slugs in my yard this year, probably because I put down some Sluggo in the spring- usually don't see any for a long time. I didn't ever figure out what annihilated those beans for sure- be safe, look out for everything!!

    Thanks for stopping by everyone!

  • Cynthia

    I like your idea about making the paper pots longer for the seeds that root out so quickly. I have always liked making homemade paper pots but noticed they work best for seeds that do not have such large roots as seedlings. This past week I have been trying to figure out if I should start my bush beans indoors or direct seed them. In the past I have had problems with the birds enjoying the seedlings as soon as they emerge. Your long paper pots might be just what I need right now! Thanks for sharing.

  • Anonymous

    Hi Tessa,

    Beans are germinating really well in those DIY paper pots. I am really sorry about those eaten seedlings.I know how it feels. The time spent on it is lost esp when you are on the side of the planet with limited summer.

    Cool. You got a freebie seedling tray.With 7 of them I can see you getting busy seed starting in the coming days. Good luck and Happy gardening.


  • Stephanie

    Hi Tessa, it is always nice to see your updates and seeing those little shoots coming out from the paper pots. I hope the zinnias will come out well and looking forward to reading your garden updates. Have a restful day!

  • GardenJoy4Me

    Tessa girl ! I can't believe how much work you go through .. and that burn out problem .. you really need some time off to regenerate your energy and have some "me" time and do the girlie thing .. nice long bubble bath .. taking care of just yourself .. a 24 hour period of just YOU girl !
    You do wonders .. and I complained about a few chores ? jeez .. I better be more careful about what I complain about ? LOL

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