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May 28, 2009

Today’s Menu- Yum!


A few posts back, I wrote about the beet greens we’ve been harvesting and how the beet is really a great crop to grow because it is a double-duty plant. Early in the year the baby greens (in my case the greens are burgundy;) were harvested and used in salads. Now that the weather has heated up a bit, I’ve noticed that the greens aren’t that good raw and the color was changing as well. It was time to eat them differently. I’ve never eaten beet greens, except in salads, so I looked online for how to prepare them in other ways. Mostly, it seems, they are steamed or sautéed. Putting them in soups is something I’ve been doing as well, but I wanted to try sautéing them. I looked at a few sites and just decided to try to put something together myself.



I put olive oil and some balsamic vinegar in the pan and heated it a bit on medium. I added some greens and when the first handful cooked down just a bit I’d add more. Salt and pepper was added too.


Like spinach, they really cook down a lot, so you need quite a bit to start out with. I ended up adding too much salt for my taste, but the flavor was wonderful. Quite a tasty lunch, if you ask me, not to mention healthy! I think I may pick up a pear balsamic vinegar and try that next time- Yum! 


Happy gardening,



  • Daphne

    That sounds so good. Maybe I'll try it with my chard which are sort of just beet greens without the beets on the bottom. I've never used balsamic vinegar with chard before. I think it would be very good.

  • GardenJoy4Me

    Hi Tessa ... that looks great to me too !
    It is amazing to see what you think is a BIG load of leaves cook down to a tiny little heap ? LOL

  • Aerie-el

    Yum is right!
    I use plain ol' balsamic vinegar on my salads and often in cooking, but hadn't heard of pear balsamic vinegar before. Sounds interesting...

  • joey

    I love beets and beet greens! Yum ... do you ever roast your beets! Like you, I could make a simple meal out of both. Happy June gardening!

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