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Jun 8, 2009

Batten down the hatches...again!


Last Thursday was yet another weird weather day. Towards the evening we had very strong winds and hard rain hit- really bad timing as my hubby was flying in from SLC! I was going crazy and praying the pilot would not try to land. I decided that I’d better busy myself, so while the wind went crazy picking up 1/2 gallon, potted plants and tossing them around, I thought I’d tie down the peas.  The clematis that is growing like crazy needed to be tied down as well- there are so many young, tender stems this year! That was all I managed to do out there as the wind got stronger and the rain thicker! That and keeping busy was not working!


Tied down Clematis after a storm!


I watched the weather channel and they said that Salem reported 81 mph winds! Of all the days for Pat to fly in! Not to mention the hours- exactly as this freak storm was hitting! He called while I was wondering around the house yelling ‘Why now?’ and ‘Perfect! Just Perfect timing for a storm!’ He told me he was in Redmond :). The plane was circling for a while, but the airport had been shut down and they needed fuel, so they flew off to Redmond- Phew! In all the years that Pat has been traveling, which is quite a few years, this has never happened, ever! I’m thankful that God kept my hubby safe!

After all was said and done there were 2 reported tornados! One in Newburg- that’s a little close :). Yep! Weird weather this year!

A couple days later, we noticed some nice things. All the blooms on the Peony ‘Sorbet’ had opened. They were sad because of the wind, but open. Today, I took a nice picture of them.

Peony 'Sorbet'

The support ring/grid thing I picked up for this beauty is not quite tall enough to help out with the blooms- next year something else will have to be put in place. This is the most blooms I’ve had on this Peony. I think I planted it in ‘06.


Peony 'Sorbet' 


A couple things that I started from seed, back in January and February, have now bloomed! I’m thrilled because so many of the flowers that I started didn’t make it to the garden- a lot were given away, but when my burnout hit a while back I lost a few. The rest are still waiting to be planted :). The Blue Flax is blooming- Patrick spotted this as we were leaving one day.

Blue Flax


I also spotted my Forget-Me-Not still in bloom, but just finishing up I believe.

Blue Forget-Me-Not


It seems that I have a pink one as well, although I don’t remember sowing pink ones. These were so hard to keep going in the greenhouse, waiting for the weather to warm up enough. I followed not only the advice of seed packets, but also things I’d read online...again, and a lot of what I started was started too early. So, for any of these things to make it and actually bloom totally makes my day!

Marilyn, I am pretty sure the little blue flowers in your yard are Forget-Me-nots. The leaves are the same shape, size and they’re fuzzy :)

More sweet pea- different color on this one. The wind really did a number on the poor things!

Sweet Pea

And lastly a little harvest on the 6th- Yum! Some beets and carrots!

Beet 'Bull's Blood' and Carrot 'Parisian  Market'


I hope all your gardens are beautiful and bountiful! Now I’m off to go harvest some lettuce and peas :).

Be sure to check out Daphne’s harvest report today at Daphne’s Dandelions!

Happy gardening!



  • Sue

    Hi Tessa,
    I am having fun gardening, and seem to be posting a lot, but not reading as many blogs. This evening, I'm going down my own list of blogs, because I seem to miss things when reading on blotanical.

    I'm glad your husband made it back safely. The weather has been fluctuating a lot here. It had been hot for spring last week, but this week is great lettuce weather, with highs in the lower 70s and lows in the 50s. We've had a lot of rain, though, so the lettuce is muddy.

    My husband and I are on our deck with our computers, and I am chilly. It's 60 degrees.

    Happy harvesting!

  • Randy Emmitt


    You do eat the beet greens don't you? They are yummy. Harvested my first beets on Saturday. The peonies around here are now done :(

  • texasdaisey

    So glad he is okay. I just love your pictures. My peonies bloomed a month ago. They come and go so quick so it is a joy to get to see yours too.

  • Frances

    Hi Tessa, how frightening to know your loved ones are on a plane during a storm. Thank goodness it all worked out okay. Sometimes we take flying for granted, when in fact it is quite an unnatural thing to be doing! Your peonies are beautiful, good deal on more blooms too. Keeping them erect is nearly impossible, another unnatural state of events. It does look like your veggies and vines withstood those freaky winds. The garden grows on, despite the weather. Thank goodness for that too. :-)

  • Darla

    Crazy weather all around that's for sure. Praise the Lord your husband was unharmed. Love your flower photos. Have a pack of Blue Flax to sow this fall, my Forget me Nots are finishing up too!

  • gardenerprogress/Catherine

    Glad your husband made it home safely, it's always a bit nerve wracking when mine is gone on a business trip. We've still just had sun or clouds other than the windstorm last week.
    Your garden looks great. I have one bud on my 'Sorbet' I hope it opens, my other peony is in full bloom now.

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