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Jun 16, 2009

It Won’t be long!


It looks like we’ll be enjoying tomatoes sooner than expected- and here’s the weird thing. It’s not the ‘Beefsteak’ in the greenhouse, or the experimental ‘New Girl’ outdoor, early variety either. It is a ‘Beefsteak’ that I threw into a big pot and barely even staked it properly. It was beaten by the wind, battered by the rain, and neglected a bit by this so called green thumber (I know, that’s not a word, I made it up!).


Ah, the wonder of plants- I believe their Creator must have had some great wisdom in designing them! Good thing too- with me caring for them ;).


Happy gardening and harvesting to you all,



  • Muddy Boot Dreams

    Poor little tomato probably thinks it had better produce or it will end up on the compost pile, before fall.


  • Daphne

    Sometimes stress will make a plant fruit quicker. There is an old trick to get early tomatoes. You cut off some of the tomatoes roots (about 6" from the stem and about half way around). The plant freaks out and thinks it is going to die so starts to ripen up the fruit. Now this treatment will get you less fruit from the plant but it will give the fruit to you earlier. BTW if you ever try it make sure the plant has tomatoes the size you want first because It might not set anymore.

  • Outside In

    Isn't nature funny?

  • DirtDigger (Tessa)

    Jen- Yeah, I agree, poor thing! I remember looking out the window at it when we had really high winds a week or so ago and just cringing! Actually I didn't neglect it as much as I had led on- I have been watering it and giving it a feeding once and a while, but the wind and rain we had really beat it up.

    Daphne- I've heard of that before. I've never tried it, just unintentional neglect ;).

  • Darla

    Hooray for maters!!!

  • Anonymous

    Well I'll be darned, Tessa. Nature has a rather odd sense of humor sometimes, doesn't it? I guess the lesson here is, don't coddle the tomato plants. Congrats! I hope, when you're slicing into your luscious tomato you'll be thinking of your garden blogger buddies and how jealous we are. :)

  • Hocking Hills Gardener

    Well gee whiz girl mine are just starting to bloom and you are about to have a tomato feast. Way to go.

  • Joanne

    Tessa That's the joy of gardening isn't it!

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