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Jul 30, 2009

Beat the Heat...the squirrel way!


Catherine over at A Gardener in Progress was asking if we were getting the heat here in Portland...


We had set up a mister near the birdbath and looks like the squirrels liked it too! We had a good laugh seeing this out our kitchen window! I barely managed to get a shot with my not so hot camera.

We’ve hit 107, or so I’ve heard, and that was on Tuesday- the car said 105 while driving around! I’ve taken advantage of the heat and put some basil out to dry, which is seen in the above photo. I made sure it was far enough away from the mister, of course.

I used the soil sifter I took borrowed from my dad...he sure can make things know you’re probably not getting this back, right dad?

I hope you’re all finding a way (even the squirrel way!) to beat the heat- stay cool and as usual...

Happy gardening,


P.S. Happy Birthday to my little grand baby girl! Love you S!


  • Outside In

    Heat? what heat? are you hogging all of it?
    we've yet to hit 85 degrees in the last 3 weeks.
    I won't complain about our weather after hearing you have hit 107, wow that's hot. Happy birthday to your little cutie!


  • Hocking Hills Gardener

    LOL! Tessa, that is one squirrel that has it made. I cannot believe the differences in weather going on. We only made it to 76 yesterday. Just unheard of here in July. Hope you get a cool front soon.

  • Sue

    The heat in the Pacific Northwest was just on our local news. Our July only had 2 days that hit 90. Right now, it is 70 degrees. I better not get too used to it, because your heat is probably headed our way.

    I love your photo!

  • Daphne

    We haven't had enough heat to get any good basil to dry. I only have one plant alive anymore. The others have bit the dust. Or bit the soggy, mucky ground as the case may be.

  • Toni

    Hi Tessa!
    I found you at Daphne's blog. Greetings from northern Wyoming!

    What a pretty blog you have!!! I'm going to add you to my RSS feed reader!

    Be back again soon!

  • Bangchik and Kakdah

    Happy birthday to her too.... stay cool and keep Mom happy.

    ~ bangchik

  • Tatyana

    Happy Birthday to her!
    What a shot, Tessa - all my squarrels should be jealous!
    107? I almost died yesterday with 100!

  • Becca's Dirt

    You must be miserable in that heat. The weather has been so different this year for all of us. Seems we are experiencing an el nino this year. Stay cool as possible.

  • Catherine@AGardenerinProgress

    That is such a great picture! Maybe we should have misters here to sit under, that does sound like a good idea!
    Hopefully it'll start cooling down for you too!
    Happy Birthday to your grand baby, she's a doll.

  • the inadvertent farmer

    Yes we are indeed melting away here in the PNW...we are such pansies. It bettcha the folks from the hot side of our states are just shaking their heads at our front page, leading story coverage of our 'heat wave'! You squirrel picture is camel would love one of those!!! Kim

  • Anonymous

    Hi Tessa~~ This heat wave totally sucks! Finally it feels a bit cooler today, thank God. Well, a lot cooler actually. I found a watering wand for the end of the hose. One of the settings is "mist" and I've been using it a lot this week. Not just for the plants but for yours truly as well. My water bill is going to be astronomical but so far none of my plants have croaked. Poor squirrel. The weather must be brutal for them. I've had a lot more birds visiting my water features. Anyway, keep cool.

  • Aunt Debbi/kurts mom

    too cute

  • Rosey Pollen

    Very cute squirrel and daughter ;)
    I am sorry it has been so hot. I have been relishing our cool weather. 60's!

  • jodi (bloomingwriter)

    It's amazing just how much variation there is across the continent, even within provinces and states. For some, it's the summer that wasn't, but you obviously have the heat and then some. Love the squirrel shower!

  • Kelly

    Thanks for coming over to my blog. You have some cool stuff here! That squirrel is so funny, think he knew what a great photo op it was, LOL??

    (Happy Birthday to your beautiful daughter!)

  • Aerie-el

    Ohmygosh, that is a great picture of the squirrel, and totally illustrates how we all felt! It's so much nicer today. Who would have thought that we would be saying it feels good to cool down to the 80s!!!
    The basil is beautiful-I can almost smell its mouth-watering fragrance.
    Happy birthday to your daughter too!

  • DirtDigger (Tessa)

    Thanks everyone for stopping by- I'm so glad you liked the squirrel picture, we really had a good laugh seeing that. Looks like we've cooled a bit. I hope all is well in your gardens :)

  • Karen

    That squirrel photo is too funny! I just put up a squirrel pic too, not as cute as yours, and linked to a funny raccoon/water post from another blog. Those poor furry beasts, they must be suffering even more than we are. Happy (late) bday to your cutie!

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