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Jul 22, 2009

A Good Harvest in July


Before our Bend trip last week, I thought I’d better get out there and see what is ready to eat! I also was looking forward to using my new harvest basket that I found in an antique store recently :)

Note: Image pops on mouse over- looks best on the web (not in email or reader)







I figured my mom and the kids (kids being optional ;) could use them up while we were away. I harvested the following veggies-

3 kinds of tomatoes- ‘Beefsteak’, ‘New Girl’ and ‘Golden Nugget’
Beets and their greens- ‘Bull’s Blood’
Carrots- ‘Parisian Market’ these are now finished up!
Green beans- ‘Blue Lake 274’ Bush
Mini eggplant- ‘Hansel’_
Lettuce- ‘Red Sails’ although this lettuce was bitter- it was the only one, out of the four I had left, that hadn’t gone to seed, but it’s time was up anyway (it being very early morning when I harvested)






Not too bad considering I’ve had to go out of town a bit this year! I’ve hinted here and there that we are moving so more trips out of town are planned and the garden will be a little neglected this year. With a move in our future, I may pull a lot and cover everything with a cover crop or a plastic mulch- so the next gardeners will have nice soil to plant in :). Selling the house will be difficult and I can only hope that gardeners will buy it!

Starting over is a bit scary too- what kind of soil will I have to work with? How big an area? All questions that will soon be answered. Notice I didn’t include what kind of house, or what size kitchen? He he!

It will be an adventure starting from scratch.  My current garden took all 8 years to get the soil how it needed to be, the layout how I wanted it, etc. I’m hoping with all my experimenting in this garden that the plan I have on what to do first in our new home will run a little smoother- I can only hope!

No worries, I’ll keep everyone posted!

Happy harvesting,



  • Tom - 7th Street Cottage

    When I bought my house, I was inside for all of 10 minutes. It was just long enough to know that it would do. But the yard, I was strolling around trying not to get too excited about all the spaces I would be able to create. Aside from one or two neighbors, it's perfectly private too.

    Starting over can be tough. Just remember, you're buying the yard, not just the house. :) Good luck.

  • Catherine@AGardenerinProgress

    Tessa those vegetables are so pretty, as pretty as flowers! I bet your mom ate great while you were gone.
    I'm sure moving will be hard, especially after being in your house for so long. The fun part will be the planning and planting once you find your new home.

  • Daphne

    Pretty harvest. I still don't have ripe full sized tomatoes yet. I keep waiting. Yours look wonderful.

  • Kathleen

    Love your new vintage basket Tessa! It's perfect for harvesting too. Even tho you're moving, you are doing a great job with your current garden judging by the contents. I always dread starting over but after I do it, it's usually better than the garden before. I bet you will get the garden done first thing and hardly miss a step.

  • Anonymous

    I really don't envy you have done so well at oput so much time and effort into your garden ...I would be sad to say goodbye to it...however you will have lots of new adventures ahead so good luck with the move. :-)

  • Anonymous

    Nice harvest you got there. I cannot take my eyes off that Beefsteak tomato it looks so delicious and your harvest basket adds to the beauty.

    Moving is hard. But then passionate gardeners like you can make any soil into a productive garden. I too hope some gardener buys your current house. 8 years of hardwork!!. I wish you good luck in your move and hope you get a great yard with a fertile soil.

    Keep us posted.


  • Gail

    Tessa, Way back in college I helped a friend dig her entire vegetable garden, pack it in the back of a u-haul and drive it from Missouri to Kansas. We wrapped the roots in newspapers. Your harvest in beautiful. gail

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