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Jul 28, 2009

Got Bees?


So, we were sitting around and happened to catch a show called Nature on OPB- very, very interesting. It reminded me of a post Karen wrote on Greenwalks about her bees too. One day Pat and I were weeding and he told me that he overheard the bees talking and they said they didn’t care for the GM crops, and pesticide filled fields on industrialized farms, so they were glad to find our garden and others like it :).

So, why are our bees dying? Where are they going?

I know where the bees are- in my organic backyard garden! We were just recently commenting about how many bees we have in our yard this year- noticeably greater in number...hmmm. I think it may be that our bees are smarter than we know (or are). Maybe they don't like the industrialized farms with their genetically altered crops as much as we don't like the watered/pus filled, anemic looking, tasteless vegetables in our markets :). Could it be that hanging out in these fields, working diligently as bees do, lowered their immune systems and when we introduced these Australian bees to our already physically compromised bees, their little bodies couldn't fight off a new virus? I mean seriously, does anyone really expect there to NOT be problems when we play around with genetics? We are at the top of the food chain, are we not? What we do to the environment on a large scale will effect us- duh! Doesn't anyone notice that we are all unhealthy, and have problems ranging from women having hysterectomies earlier to little girls starting their menstrual cycles earlier, people dying all around us, some at much younger ages? Pesticides, hormones, synthetic fertilizers, genetically altered foods- yes, foods- tomatoes are top, soy is another top and it's in everything. There are (especially in the US) so many hectares of land dedicated to GMOs- it is staggering! They, in turn, affect (or infect!) the organic farms that are near by.

Why is it that we can't learn that maybe there might be something wrong with a seemingly harmless synthetic fertilizer- when the worms take off in soils where they're used? Are we smarter than the worm? Are we really so stupid that we don't see that we need to go back to small acre or 2 sized micro farms, located in cities, or just right outside that produce 'real food' locally, fresh, and serving those close by- we need to become locavoresa person who attempts to eat only foods grown locally. Locavores grow their own food or buy foodstuffs grown within their region.! Does anyone even remember what a tomato is supposed to taste like?



This tomato was juicy, meaty, sweet, not a bit mealy, and full of flavor! I had to take a paper towel to it before putting it on my sandwich! My new saying is ‘This is a tomato...just so you know’- or ‘This is real food...just so you know’ (as I imagine talking to a grocery store produce man (poor guy, not his fault), or maybe an industrialized farm manager-notice I didn’t say farmer?)


Okay, I'm done ranting- great program and one that obviously got my panties in a wad! Check it out!

Happy real food eating,



  • Michelle

    I seem to have plenty of honey bees around, but then, I didn't notice any lack of them last year. What is new this year is that there seem to be a lot more bumble bees. Not sure why, but I'll take it as a good sign.

  • Catherine@AGardenerinProgress

    I've seen lots of honey bees in our garden this year, we don't use any pesticides here. I was surprised at how many, because I keep reading about how they are dying off. I think you're right, the bees have discovered the organic yards. It's amazing to see and taste the difference in home grown food.
    I didn't catch that show but I'm going to check out the link.

  • Basil Becky

    My garden is free of pesticides and full of bees. They were all over the Coneflowers and Bee Balm!Many more than last year..

  • Daphne

    Our garden hasn't been quite as bee filled this year. They don't like the wet gloomy weather. Luckily this last week was more to their liking and they are starting to really buzz around.

  • Heckety

    I SO AGREE with you. I just can't believe the so-called intelligent people who think GM foods and chemicals are good for the planet, like we have a second planet to move on to when their experiments and bull-headedness messes things up?

  • Rosey Pollen

    I like this post about bees. I agree with you!
    I just wish more people would pull their heads out! Ever read any Michael Pollan, the Botany of Desire? You might like it! It is non-fiction, not a romance novel, like it sounds.

  • Tatyana

    Enjoyed your post and drooled looking at your tomato! I hope you are surviving the heat!

  • Sue

    We have lots of bees and wasps. There don't seem to be as many butterflies this year.

  • Karen

    Could not agree more! Glad our bees are happy. Although I need something more for them to pounce on now that the lavender is done. I guess they'll have to be happy with the coneflowers and coreopsis and cosmos, the three C's I have going at the moment, since my been balm seems not to have come back this year (maybe it's a biennial??). I am eating as much local food as possible and want to convert more of my tiny lot to food crops next year. Added a few things this time but need more space. Just harvested a bunch of beans for making salade nicoise tomorrow, woo hoo! Thanks for the link and WOW on the tomato!

  • Anonymous

    I'm totally with you on the locally grown produce and organic front..I think technology has a lot to do with it and I know I'm using that famous technology right now to read about this but I certainly wouldn't be lost without it or the continual import/export of foods. I don't think it is just affecting the wildlife either...there is no longer the anticipation of waiting for something to come into season before you can purchase it and therefore enjoy it so much more!!!!

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