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Jul 20, 2009

Greek Salad! Yummy!


Well, our trip to Bend was really nice- I love the weather there!

Before we left, I was wondering what to do with all those tomatoes. I did give some away and took some with me. While we were there, I made a yummy Greek salad!

Here is one of the tomatoes I put in it- it was sooooo good.

Tomato 'New Girl'

Tomato ‘New Girl’

The ingredients included:

1. 2-4 tomatoes ‘Beefsteak’, ‘Golden Nugget’  and ‘New Girl’ cut into chunks
2. 1/2 cucumber chunks
3. Red and Yellow pepper- again chunks
4. Red onion
5. Black olives
6. Feta cheese
7. Olive Oil
8. Red Wine Vinegar
9. Artichoke hearts in oil from Trader Joe’s (I threw in some of the oil from this too)
10. Dried Oregano
11. Chopped fresh Parsley

I think that’s it!

The other tomato I used in the salad looked more like the ‘Beefsteak’ in the picture that will follow- it was so red and meaty you could hardly see any seeds. I just threw in everything as I went- it was yummy (I think I already said that!) I must make another one. This salad is the reason I wanted to grow ‘Beefsteak’ tomatoes again in the greenhouse this year. I didn’t grow them last year. I purchased a Greek cookbook, however, and decided that it would be a ‘must’ this year after seeing a beautiful picture of Greek salad in it! I didn’t follow a recipe, but after looking at a few different recipes online and in my book, I had it in my head how I’d make it. We saw the jar of Artichoke hearts in Joe’s a while back and thought it would be delish in a Greek salad! We were right- it was wonderful in it.


Yummy! Greek Salad!

 Greek Salad ‘Beefsteak’, ‘New Girl’ and ‘Golden Nugget’ tomatoes shown

Yep! I have to make this again (I think I already said that too!)

As I said, Bend was beautiful! We stayed in the Shilo (of course), since DH cares for all their phone systems, and it is right on the Deschutes River- just beautiful! Out of all the Shilos, Bend is my favorite property- it’s so natural and woodsy.

I noticed right outside our door something growing in the grass- and then I smelled it!


Mint growing in the lawn at Bend Shilo Inns

 Mint growing in the lawn

Mint.  Now I could have made some nice sun tea to go with our yummy Greek salad- but I thought it best not too, they probably sprayed it to keep it under control, for all I knew. I looked up and down the grass behind the other rooms and saw no other mint- how weird that it was only growing behind our room!

We also had a couple visitors one SUNNY morning :)


Visiting deer at the Bend Shilo

They meandered right past our sliding glass door right as Pat was opening the drapes. They just looked over at us and walked along past the other rooms. Something scared them right after I took these- sounded almost like a gunshot.

I really didn’t expect to get any shots of them as I went out a bit after we saw them meander past our room- I guess they liked the young leaves on the trees. I bet these guys cause a lot of fits to gardeners here!


I hope you all had a nice week in your gardens, and as usual...

Happy gardening,



  • Anonymous

    Hi Tessa~~ One word: YUM !!

    Deer are such a mixed blessing aren't they? They're so cool to watch but the trail of damage they leave behind... Speaking of deer, I swear this is a true story. Yesterday I was driving a country road near here and a fawn, couldn't be more than a few weeks old, darted right in front of my car. I slammed on the brakes and thank God, I didn't hit him.

    Were these tomatoes from your garden? Already?

  • Basil Becky

    I am going to try the Greek Salad.It sounds wonderful.

  • DirtDigger (Tessa)

    Grace- Wow! I'm so glad you didn't hit Bambi! That would have been awful for you! Yes, the deer are a mixed blessing and if I move to the Bend area I'm sure I'll find out just how much :)- yep, those are from my garden, we've been harvesting tomatoes since mid-June!

    Becky- Do try it, it is so yummy and good for you too! I wonder how just a bit of fresh Basil from the garden would taste, maybe too powerful?

    Thanks for stopping by!

  • Daphne

    Oh those tomatoes look just wonderful. I wish I had some coming out of my garden. I've only got cherries so far. Of course I didn't plant much besides cherry tomatoes so I must expect that.

  • Cerus

    Sounds excellent, and you didn't add lettuce.

    That is the one major mistake I always see when people post their recipe for a Greek Salad.
    I hope it was delicious.

  • Catherine@AGardenerinProgress

    It looks really pretty there. That salad looks so good I can't tell you how hungry it's made me! Hope you're having a great summer!!

  • Patsi 'Garden Endeavors'

    I think it's time for me to eat...Looks great !!
    Wish we had tomatoes like yours...wish we had tomatoes period. :(
    Surprised deer in what looks like a developed area. Always enjoy seeing them on my way home from work.

  • Thru a Tori-lens

    Ha! The deer are the main reason we built a greenhouse. If you live in town (i.e.- fenced yard) they aren't much of a bother, but out where we live they eat everything. Even the things people say they won't eat. Still- they are a lot of fun!

  • Stella

    How wonderful, mint just for you to discover and smell. It's always fun to see deer when they aren't in your garden.

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