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Aug 31, 2009

Playing Catch-up while Recovering



Eggplant ‘Hansel’ twins! Watermelon, strawberry, bush beans and plums.


Morning Glory sky :)


Come on pepper- turn!



Happy Gardening,


Aug 10, 2009

Drying Basil


I’ve grown basil many times, but I’ve only dried it in small bits. Hanging a few stems up in a cool, dark area in my house at a time or using it fresh has been the only way I’ve used it. This year I decided to dry a bunch at a time, harvesting from 3 plants that I started from seed. You can see them as babies here.

First, I tried laying them out on my dads soil sifter (you know you’re not getting that back right, dad?:) It was REALLY hot at the time.

Here is the basil, growing really well.


Drying on the sifter



Oh, what a shame. I guess it was too hot, and probably too much humidity in the air here in Portland- probably? Ha ha!

Here is what it looks like just drying a few stems at a time hanging in a fruit bag. Notice how much greener?


So my wonderful, smartass, hubby says ‘I know, we have this thing in the house that just sits there in the cabinet. You could use it to DEHYTRATE it’

Well, what a great idea, I thought :).

So, here is what it looks like after using my food dehydrator.

Now these are green, but not the same green as the above picture. So it comes down to taste. I unfortunately ate the lighter green, air dried basil a while ago. I haven’t tried the basil dried with the dehydrator, so the jury is still out. I have to air dry some basil this week so I can do a proper taste comparison.

To be continued...

Happy gardening,


Aug 6, 2009

It’s a Boy!


Er, a girl! Oh heck, I don’t know- but it sure is cute! Peetree should be quite proud (especially considering he doesn’t have a penis! Ha Ha :)


baby hummer



You can see his/her downy in this one, a little of the color too :) A little fuzzy butt- too cute!

The tiny nest can’t be to far away, but I have yet to see it. Peetree is around too and I hope he doesn’t get territorial with the baby and chase it off the feeder- so far so good, I see the baby eating on it. I would think that he’d be fine with his offspring, but you never know.  It’s so much fun learning about these things!

Happy gardening,


Aug 4, 2009



Okay, the first time it happened Pat said ‘Well, just some bored kids and you had the perfect grenades!’ I was astonished that we hadn’t heard a thing and that the dogs didn’t bark- this was last Saturday. The scene...gruesome! Tomatoes, nice and ripe, thrown all over the back gardening area, and some even by the back door...everywhere :(. They grabbed green ones, and even got my ripe beefsteak in the greenhouse. The smaller plum tree that is loaded this year was attacked as well. Luckily, they didn’t get to the watermelon! I was too distraught to take any shots.

Then on Sunday, they struck again!


These are only a few of the ‘New Girl’ tomatoes they threw at our door. The door was covered with seeds. They were probably having a contest of who would hit the door first. It is at least 40 feet from in front of my greenhouse to our back door- someone had quite an arm and had to throw it just right to go under a big cherry tree too.

However, they weren’t too smart. Doing this on a weekend is not a good idea as most people are not at work on weekends, right? And with it being as hot as it’s been people have stayed in.

One minute we’re sitting in our living room and THUMP! THUMP! I thought it was one of the kids, at first, then we both realized what it was. The next minute Pat was out the door! You could hear Pat yelling at them down the street, I’m sure. You should have seen their faces as they realized they were busted...and some really mad man with Clint Eastwood veins sticking out around his temples was coming at them. I’ve never seen kids run so fast! They took off to their yards...that’s right both of the kids live right behind us. Pat came back in and took a little ride around the corner and knocked on their door- one of them answered the door shocked, Pat said the look on his face was priceless and he didn’t think they’d be back around. I guess when his mother became aware that they were throwing our vegetables at our house she wasn’t happy. He also said, however, that he didn’t go into explaining to her how hard we work for those vegetables and having them ruined like that was just wrong- he felt she just wouldn’t ‘get’ it and he’d be wasting his breath. The kids were young enough, and scared of Pat enough that we really don’t think it will happen again- I sure hope not. We’re both home every day, so they’ll get caught again if they do it again.

Our Defender of the Vegetables!


Unfortunately, there are not too many tomatoes left...sad. This is one reason I think it is so important to garden with kids. Let them start things from seed and care for them and plant them- the process along teaches a basic respect for life and possibly, just possibly a love for gardening.

The love of gardening is a seed that once sown never dies!



Happy gardening to you,


Aug 1, 2009

Hungry for Change?


Just when I thought it was safe to go back into the water- after watching ‘Super Size Me’ and getting really sick- now (thankfully) someone has done a movie about where our food comes from, and just how bad is it on our industrialized farms. Now this is a real movie...the big time, and thank God for that! I plan to see this, I’m just not sure when. A review will hopefully follow. With my surgery coming, I’ll be lucky to see it when it’s in the theaters, we’ll see, it might have to wait on the DVD.

I encourage everyone to search for a theater near you (click the cow)  and go see it!

Food, Inc.

Update: Looks like it’s available at Amazon- you may find it cheaper somewhere else, who knows!


Happy food production,