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Sep 8, 2009

I Love it- Smart Chickens!


With the real possibility of getting some chickens in our near future (Yes, chickens- I can hear you!) I’ve been reading up on them to educate myself. It seems to be a general consensus that they aren’t that smart- well, they’re smarter than 'they'You know, the 'experts' that think GMO foods are okay! are. With all the information we read about concerning GMOs, I think it’s time to just admit they just might not be good for us- ya think? What are 'you'experts that think GMOs are okay.  chicken? I guess not! As the old saying goes ‘You can’t fool Mother Nature!’ Or is it ‘It’s Not Nice to Fool Mother Nature!’



Chickens not liking GMOs might just be the least of our worries!


Check out the story below-Thanks for sending this, Mom!

Chickens Not Fooled by GM Crops


Happy Gardening,



  • Daphne

    GM foods is why I switched a lot of my diet to organic foods. I think GM foods have a lot of potential for disease resistance, yield, and nutrition, but the reality is that they aren't tested nearly enough and the way they are modifying them is so they can sell more of their products (like herbicides), not to make the food healthier. There are some serious issues with letting our food be genetically modified by a commercial company who has a monetary stake in the food coming to market.

  • GardenJoy4Me

    Hi Tessa .. Hope you are feeling better ! (I must have missed what was going on .. that happens a lot with me ? LOL)
    GM foods .. well, it is all kind of scary to me .. if it was a matter of healthy food .. I would be all for it. But there is a reason why plant an animal life is supposed to be diversified and become stronger because of natural competition .. I think gardeners can SEE that better than lay people who have never had their hands in the dirt, so to speak ?
    Joy : )

  • Nezzy

    What a great blog. I enjoyed my trip tiptoeing through your gardens. I've got it bad. Hubby has enlarged our yard I now call my green acre so I can plant more. It's an illness with me. I have termed it OCFD(obsessive compulsive flower disorder) The only cure this Ozark farm chick has found is dirt under my manicure. Have a delightful evening!!!

  • Joanne

    Hope you are recovering well and look forwrd to seeing the chickens.

  • Thru a Tori-lens

    Love it! Thanks for that, Tessa- also, I have to give a shout-out to who got us started with our little flock. It's a GREAT site with lots of info. Please check it out and share the site! We love having chickens. Super-easy and gets you through those tough times with solid protein and companionship. ;)

  • inadvertent farmer

    Wow...interesting about the chickens, to bad people aren't that smart! Kim

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