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Sep 23, 2009

Is it any wonder...


Why fall is my favorite time of year? Yes, it means winter is right around the corner. Winter carrots taste like candy, thankfully. Each season brings great things, if you live in an area that has 4 distinct seasons- (which is not here).

Here in Portland, fall can signal that a long, grueling, depressing, gray sky is soon to follow. If we’re lucky, we get some snow to brighten up the landscape! Although, most don’t agree that snow brightens their day :). September, however, is one of the most lovely months here- just take a look at this forecast and see if you agree.

                                                Portland, OR fall (week 1) forecast 

I apologize for the clipping, hopefully you can see the temperatures! Today- 95 degrees! A very pleasant first week of fall. And look at the lows. I have to admit, if you compare the lows this time of year to Bend or Redmond lows, Portland wins- about a 10 degree difference that will require some adjustments as far as my fall/winter crops go.


                                               Redmond, OR fall (week 1) forecast

It is looking like a wonderful fall so far. Last year I did a tribute to Portland falls because I love them so much and I will miss them. It’s hard to believe we’ve been wanting to move away from Portland for so long. Then again, a year can go by in a blink of an eye. A move is looking more and more likely and it looks as though it will be time to put our garden to bed- but it is still not for sure, the wait and see game is brutal! When we do leave, I can only hope that the next family that buys our home will have a love of gardening too. I look forward to the journey ahead, and hope that you will all stick around to follow the progress, however it may play out.

I have taken down Peetree’s feeder and I worry that Portland will see another winter like last year and we won’t be here to help him get through. If you remember last year I did quite a bit of research on the hummingbirds in our area and weather we should be feeding them in winter. After lots of reading and talking to local experts, I learned that they stay for the winter anyway and that it is best to give them a helping hand if you have them in your yard and you’ve been feeding them.

Peetree has been around somewhat- they leave for a while in summer, it seems, and then they return late summer/early fall. Now that I’ve taken down his feeder, he will search out another one while he takes full advantage of all the bugs and other foods that are abundant and available this time of year. I will miss him too.

I plan to get out there a little this week- slowly and in spurts :). After all, I can’t possibly miss this beautiful first week of my favorite season, now can I? I may have to put on my blinders, however, as I imagine that there is a TON that needs to be done!

I hope you are all enjoying your September weather, wherever you hang your hat!

Happy gardening,



  • Catherine@AGardenerinProgress

    I thought it was hot here, but it's even hotter there! It's hard to believe it's fall with this weather.
    I put our hummingbird feeders up last winter after the fuchsias froze, I figured since they were already here I'd feed them. I've seen a couple in the garden today, I hadn't seen any for a couple of weeks.
    Glad you're able to get out, take it easy!!

  • lynn'sgarden

    Such a nice forecast, Tessa! We are enjoying beautiful Fall weather in NJ (Zone 6) as well. Cool mornings/evenings in the sunny days. No wonder it's most people's favorite season.

  • Rosey Pollen

    This chart surprised me because I thought Portland was ALWAYS cloudy and rainy. I will have to show this to the husband because he is skeptical of moving to a rainy place. I want to be where it doesn't snow in September. :) Thanks for sharing this info!

  • inadvertent farmer

    I LOVE the Bend area, we are skiers and there is no better place in the NW for skiing. Now gardening is a bit more dicey there, I have a dear friend that tells me of the hoops she has to jump through to garden and I just shake my head...I will read with interest to see how it goes for you, Kim

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