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Nov 7, 2010

Greenhouse is up!


After a long, year break from blogging, I think I’m finally ready to get back to business- the business of growing food and blogging, that is. I’ve taken a year off to rest from the move and to take a good look at what we’re dealing with on our new property. I also needed to watch weather patterns, wind, temps, etc. to get a feel for things.

The soil here needs some help! Naturally, the first thing was a compost bin and that is started. I will be building a much larger one this fall/winter too.

I have a few plants that I’ll need help identifying- Hopefully all you experienced gardeners out there will be able to help with that when I post them.

There are a few things that need to go in the yard, some of which have already been taken out. There was also a few (expensive) tools that were needed as we have moved to a much more rural area- some of those have been purchased. Patrick has traveled a good portion of the year, so it was a good year to gather things needed and to plan, plan, plan. And so that is what I’ve been doing.


We did manage to get the greenhouse up, however! This is the South/East corner of our back yard.



There is still some work to do. The raised bed areas inside and the floor. The beds surrounding the outside need to be built up so no soil washes away over winter (not that it rains a lot here, but still…). I have been giving some thought to what will go in the surrounding beds (on the north side) as these plants need to have good roots to hold the soil- ideas I have so far are Pineleaf Penstemon and Prairie Zinnia, both of which are said to have the root qualities needed. If anyone has any ideas- I’m all ears! Also, since we’ve moved to a much sunnier area, we’ve decided to go solar- a nice science project for my husband and son! We’ll be searching for a good price for the supplies to put this together- again, if anyone has any ideas…we’re all ears!

I’ll be slowly trying to get back into blogging over the next few months- so stay tuned.


As usual- Happy Gardening,


PS- here is a nice album of the greenhouse project 2010


  • DirtDigger (Tessa)

    Sorry, for the double post for those of you that receive emails- There was a problem with the comment form and post itself.

    Thanks, Catherine, for letting me know!

  • Patsi

    Nice job on the greenhouse. Good idea with the fans. We have a greenhouse kit that has been laying near the shed for 4 years now...guess it's never going up.

  • Catherine@AGardenerinProgress

    It looks great. Can't wait to see what you get started in there!
    I love your new yard, I can picture it full of flowers.

  • John

    Sharp looking greenhouse! We love the green Oregon too, but the gray days of that area get old fast. Living in Idaho almost makes you solar powered. I like your rock borders too. Lava rock was the one natural resource on our lot when we moved here 17 years ago.

  • DirtDigger (Tessa)

    Patsi- Thanks for stopping by! So sorry about your greenhouse, maybe this year will be the lucky year!

    Catherine- Thanks! I can't wait to get growing too. It will be slow but sure :)

    John- Thanks-you. I love this style of greenhouse. The next one will be a much more cost effective hoop house, I think. I know exactly what you're saying about the gray days- but that is on the west side of OR. We moved from Portland to Redmond (central OR) just last year for that very reason...and love, love, love the sun. This photo was taken on one day out of 7 that was overcast, and even then the sun was out for the other half of the day!

  • GardenJoy4Me

    Tessa girl I finally remembered to grab your link for my blog roll (I am so empty-headed at times it is scary (the cats forgive me how ever as long as they are fed on time ? haha)
    I love seeing the greenhouse !! I will have to live through your experiences since I have no room for such a treat .. you have good sized areas to plant in and it is going to be so exciting for you and family converting to solar for some of this project : )
    Hey girl .. "I will be back !!" hehehehe
    Joy : )

  • Veggie PAK

    Great looking yard! I like the greenhouse. Wish I had one like that. The rocks add character to the yard, I think. Looks good!

  • Amy

    Your yard and greenhouse look great, it'll be fun to see it develop! Enjoy the sun over there on the other side of those mountains!

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