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Nov 18, 2010

It’s getting there…and great news!


I’d like to start this post with some great news- Our son Patrick has come home safely from Afghanistan today. We are so proud of him and we’re thankful that he’s come home in time for the holidays- even though we won’t see him for a while. We’ll be praying for those brave men and women that are still serving over there- as well as their families!

As for the progress on our yard- well, I got a little done today. I had planned on getting started with the greenhouse floor…well that didn’t happen, but I did get some beds started in the crop area next to the greenhouse- well part of it anyway. I had to section it off from the dogs- they don’t seem to understand what ‘poo-free zone…keep off’ means :)


backyard crop area to be


The area in the far left corner is where a cold frame will go- it won’t be as big as the one in our old yard in Portland, but I think this size will be much better and we’ll be recycling a couple old windows that were left here by the previous owners. You can see the cold frame in Portland here- I believe it was 4x8.

As usual I put a 12” path, and my beds will be 30” as I always seem to go back to that width if I ever change anything- best to just start out that way. Eliot Coleman is right, this width is easy to stand over and work.

I’ll be laying down weed mat and straw in the paths. Newspaper, thick layers, will go down where any beds will be and then I’ll dig out the rest of the paths, adding the soil to the beds. The manure in the corner there will go in along with anything else I can get my hands on to compost in place, and then I may sow some cover crops.

The other small thing I managed to get done today was to add some material to the bed north of the greenhouse- I’m hoping to build up some layers with sheet composting and plant right in it in the spring. Things break down here much slower than they did in Portland, probably because of moisture, so I have to be mindful of how I construct the layers, and add moisture as needed. For now all I have are pine needles (on the bottom, as they take forever to break down, but add needed acidity), leaves, and composted manure.


Sheet composting- bed building


Tomorrow, Ill add the manure to the beds I’ve built. I think I’ll work on the little rock stairs leading to the greenhouse too- they need some work, starting with weed mat under them. I’d hate to get those stairs right and then have them pulled out every time I have to pull a weed!

For now, that’s it…everything is coming along slow but sure.


Happy Thanksgiving to you,



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