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Dec 30, 2010


Happy almost New Year!


Dec 11, 2010

Busy time of year


With all the baking (not me, of course, I just sample!), wrapping, shipping, writing, etc. there is hardly a moment to breathe!

Thanksgiving has come and gone, and with it our wonderful snow that we had. It was truly beautiful, and I’m sure more will come (or I hope more will come). On Thanksgiving I managed to get outside in the glorious snow and get the raspberries and blueberries mulched. I planted 3 raspberry this year- 2 survived, ‘Heritage’. The one we lost was a yellow variety ‘Fall Gold’. That is too bad because I’ve never had yellow raspberries. We’ll replant next year.

With ‘Heritage’ you have a choice of 1 big harvest/year or 2 medium sized harvests- I opted for the big harvest because of the climate we live in. ‘Heritage’, by the way, is a good variety for colder climates, so we’ll see how they do. For one big harvest, you cut the canes to about ground level when the foliage has been damaged by frost- then mulch heavily. As cold as it was this was about all I could get done on Thanksgiving- outside, I mean!


Somewhere under the straw are raspberries ‘Heritage’


I had no idea what to do with the blueberries- so I guessed. I didn’t prune out anything. I only added straw- we’ll see how well they survive.


Looks like a big mess, but under the straw is a blueberry shrub

While out there I couldn’t resist playing a little…hopefully you can make out what it is!



With Christmas right around the corner, I thought it was appropriate!


Have a blessed holiday season, everyone!