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Jan 15, 2011

Garden Blogger’s Bloom Day…sort-of


Today when I was trying to catch up on some blog reading, I was reminded of GBBD on Catherine’s blog- A Gardener in Progress. Great blooms by the way, Catherine!

It’s been so long since I’ve joined in the fun- and so here we go…



Okay…I know I can’t fool you for long…I can dream though- right? These are just a few seed packets I have, some are new. You all know I’m working hard on things right now to get to the point where the flowers above, and many more, will be gracing our new yard with their presence!

So this month for Garden Blogger’s Bloom Day (and probably the next few months!) I’m dreaming of some blooms I’ll have some day soon…until then, head on over to Carol’s at May Dreams Gardens and enjoy all the blooms!


Happy Gardening,




  • Catherine@AGardenerinProgress

    I was almost believing it until I saw the sunflower :) I can't wait to hear how the Hellebores do from seed, if anyone can grow them it will be you!

  • Cinj

    Yeah, we can all wish, right? I've got a ton of snow "growing" in my garden now. Seems like forever since I did my last GBBD post.

  • DirtDigger (Tessa)

    Catherine, I knew the sunflower would give it away...and thanks for the compliment...we'll see if the Hellebores seeds germinate, they're a bit old!

    Cinj, so nice to hear from you! I just realized that you are in a cold climate...I'll be visiting more and more to get some cold weather advice! Our snow has been gone for a while and the temps have been in the 50s...for now anyway :)

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