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Jan 10, 2011

Gearing up…


I finally went to BIGS (Bend’s Indoor Garden Station)! I was hoping to find good deals on large quantities of what I put in my soils- greensand, rock phosphate, blood meal, etc. I can get the larger quantities, but at a much higher price than what I paid at Concentrates in Portland. I could get a #50 bag of greensand of $17 at Concentrates. Here in Central Oregon I’ll pay extra because of the cost of trucking it here- When I showed the nice guy at BIGS how much I was paying at Concentrates (I printed out the price sheet), he said he could go as low as $27 (He gave me a ‘growers’ price-not a gardeners price:). So for now whenever Pat goes to Portland for work, he’ll be stopping by Concentrates! However, I won’t be needing these larger quantities until I’m ready to work on the field beds…more on that later.

What I did find was a great local soil! And some smaller quantity soil amendments.


The soil is Wolf Pack Blend and it has lots of yummies in it! It comes from a nice family owned business. I purchased 2- 2qu.feet bags @ $11.90 per bag- which I think is a discount. I think once I asked for larger quantities, Byron, the sales guy, figured I was a serious grower :). Here is a closeup of the yummy ingredients-

This will be a good start for a few raised bed boxes we’re building in the greenhouse and maybe the cold frames I’m trying to get up and going. The previous owners of our new home were nice and left a couple windows in a trash pile on the side of the house- it feels good and right to use what we have on hand.



The other great find was Diatomite Rock-


I was concerned about the corn weed blocker and cottonseed meal being products of GMOs, but then I saw that the distributors were in Eugene, Down to Earth- home of the tree huggers…we’re good! They have quite a few nice amendments to choose from- nice size for starting out, #7 box.

Both local products to support our local economy! Perfect! I look forward to trying them out and for all you locals reading, I’ll be sure to let you know how they perform.


Happy Gardening,




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