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Jan 4, 2011

The Right Plant in the Right Place


I won’t kid you, I’ve killed more plants by forcing them to grow and survive in a spot that is obviously not to their liking. I’ve tried to ignore this simple rule many times because I just love a plant! Only to send it to its death…

So far this is not the case with a houseplant I bought last summer. A common houseplant that I’ve hesitated getting because I always felt I had too little light, and that was probably true for our old home in Portland. I’ve placed it in my sunniest spot with the most humidity- a corner in our bathroom. It seems to be happy and now it’s blooming.


Wandering Traveler


In truth, I’m not really sure what plant this is- I know I said it’s common and it is, but some say it’s Tradescantia albiflora and others say it’s Zebrina pendula- commonly named Wandering Jew, inch-plant, or Wandering Traveler (the latter being my preference). Here is a nice site for care instructions- Guide to Houseplants. And in case you’re lost as to how to pronounce these names here is a pronunciation guide I found at Fine - I’ve looked everywhere for a site or some software to help me with this because knowing the plants botanical name is the only way to get the specific plant you’re looking for. If anyone knows of some software I’m all ears!


Happy New Year to you!



  • Catherine@AGardenerinProgress

    I remember having one of those plants years ago when I lived in an apartment. It was so healthy and got huge but never bloomed. Maybe I need to try one again, I really love the color of the leaves.

  • Aerie-el

    Lovely blooms, no matter what the plant's name. For me, they always seem to get scraggly-looking so they end up in the compost - recycled, and used to nurture other not-so-scraggly plants!
    Happy New Year!

  • Stephanie

    Oh wow Tessa, those little blue blooms are some reward! They are so pretty. Mine is purple. But I have not seen the flower for a long long time. Blue against purple variegated foliage... how wonderful! Btw, mine is always in the full sun, out in the open in my tropical garden here ;-)

  • Jan@Thanks for today.

    I, too, had one when I was in college because it did so well on our windowsill. It looks so pretty with the blooms on yours. Thanks so much for stopping by the other day. It's been a long time since I've visited you--the garden blogging world is getting bigger every day! I'm glad we're at least conneced on FB! Happy New Year, Tessa.

  • CanadianGardenJoy

    Happy New Year Tessa ! .. Hey I have killed and still kill my fair share of house plants and I feel badly about that .. funny how I can take care of an out door garden and not plants inside ??
    I had that plant years and years ago and killed it too .. sorry I don't have any information on it but fingers crossed some one will !!
    Joy & the boys : )

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