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Jan 23, 2011

What a Nice Little Tool


I ran across this handy little tool- it’s especially good for new gardeners, or gardeners who have just moved to a new zone and no one seems to have nailed down an accurate last frost date and who like to have great salads in the winter…

It was written for 2009, but it doesn’t matter as you’ll be putting in your own dates anyway. It’s small so you can carry it in your purse- which is handy when you’re at the store and you see some seeds that you just know you forgot to order from a catalog.

Just follow the directions for printing and putting it together and there you go- very nice.


Little House in the Suburbs


Happy Gardening,




  • Catherine@AGardenerinProgress

    That is a a great idea and I'm printing it out as I type. Thanks for the link!

  • ~Holly~

    Thanks for the link!

  • Li'l Ned

    Hey, neat idea. I had to laugh though, when I went to the site with the 'find out your frost-free dates' by state. According to Victor Seeds, Bend's last 'spring' frost is July 28, and our first 'fall' frost is Aug 4 -- yielding a frost-free growing season of ...... wait for it: 7 days! And lest you be thinking, dudette, that your growing season up there in Redmond is much longer, I hope you checked, Tessa, because alas, it lists yours as 40 days (July 18-Aug 20). Longer than Bend, but far too short for anything but a set of radishes. hahaha. Let me know if you can't find better info than that at the OSU Extension office out at the fairgrounds. :)
    thanks again for the link. I've gardened here for 37 years and I still learn new ways of dealing with garden planning and seed starting. Cool little tool.

  • DirtDigger (Tessa)

    Li'l Ned,

    So glad you stopped by- yeah I know what you mean about the last frost date- really? Of course everyone I've asked and every site I've gone to gives me a different date...which I promptly ignore :). I've been keeping daily records since we moved here and I've set a tentative date for LF June 1 and FF Oct. 1. Since it can dip to freezing any day of the year here, I will no doubt be adjusting them from year to year...and have lots of plastic on hand.

    I hope you're going to be in the mini farm tour again this year- I'd love to see your setup!

  • Li'l Ned

    Your dates are a good starting point. I use June 1 as 'hopeful' but with a serious eye on the weather (last year it really was mid-June when we had our last frost), and Oct 10 as 'probable' (but I keep sheets & row cover handy to protect my ripening tomatoes). Unless you live somewhere high and/or super exposed, you should be warmer in Redmond. Check with OSU Extension, and ask any oldtimer neighbors about the reality of your area's gardening potential. The first year in a new garden is always a bit of a crapshoot, so plant away and see what happens.

    I have just found out I'll be on the backyard farm tour again this year -- it's going to be a bit earlier, in late August. I am also considering being on the chicken coop tour (May 7) though I really want to GO on it too, which I can't do if I'm hosting.

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