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Feb 25, 2011

It’s the Little Things…


I know it’s not much…but it is a huge thing for my seedlings! I’ve been looking for a watering can that is gentle enough for seedlings, but all the watering cans I’ve tried leak and drip- very annoying! I’ve yet to spend the $ for the ultimate watering can- the Haws, beautiful…expensive.

Not long ago, on a clearance rack, I saw one from Good Grips. It looked interesting and sturdy with it’s rubber rose (a better seal is possible with rubber, I thought), but I was so tired of being disappointed with leaky watering cans that I passed it up. The need for a good watering can is great this time of year as using hoses is not possible- so the other day I looked again in the gardening section of Fred Meyer.

There were 3 Good Grips cans on another clearance rack- now another 50% off the lowest marked price! I debated whether I should get them all, but one was missing its rose, so I left with a larger one and a smaller one. Cha-ching, score!- total of $9. This ended up being a great deal because…ta-da…they don’t leak!

I’m hoping to get a much bigger one!


Happy gardening to you,




  • Catherine@AGardenerinProgress

    That's good to know. I just started some indoor seedlings and don't have a good watering can for inside. I'll have to see if the Fred's by me has any.

  • Alison

    They look like great watering cans! You got a good deal.

  • Li'l Ned

    Many decades ago my sweetheart bought me a big Haws can for Christmas. It is awesome, and I encourage you to save your pennies and invest in one someday. My watering can even featured in a play I was in, as a prop for one of the characters. It is now battered and paint-chipped, but still the most wonderful watering can. I have one of those little plastic ones in your photo -- it works ok, but mine is a smaller one for indoors and the first one i bought only lasted a couple of years before it sprang a leak. But you can't beat the price, and the work pretty well. Good old Fred's.

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