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Feb 21, 2011

Just a little bit going on


Well with all the snow, not much is going on. The pansy started in Jan. is doing well and I’ve been taking them to the greenhouse on sunny days. I’ve also started some more in micro blocks- they’ll spend a week in the garage in a dark, cold spot for a week before moving them to a heat mat, as usual.


The small ground bed in the greenhouse has a few things in it- and with the sun hanging around more, starting about mid-Feb., we start seeing some growth kicking in- slow but noticeable.


Everything has germinated. Carrot, radish, spinach, lettuce and mache. Mache always has spotty germination- and some older lettuce seeds didn’t germinate well either- I’ll just start something else in that spot soon. These little rows aren’t much, but it was a way to get me going more so than the crops!

We also have some bulbs up- just a few in a pot that I had extra from a small spring bed I did last summer. They had some growth on them so I stuck ‘em in a pot- We’ll see how they do here. I’d sure love some early color. If I remember right there should be a few tulips and hyacinth.


Behind the bulbs is a little pot of Swiss Chard Patrick wanted me to start. It seems to be doing fine.

More planning has been going on. I’m guessing as to when to start things this year and making sturdier low tunnels will have to happen soon…I’m considering moveable cold frames instead of tunnels- we’ll see, I’m still in the pondering stage ;)

Until next time,

Happy almost spring!




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