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Mar 7, 2011



Pat and I were just saying the other day that it’s probably safe to assume it’s spring if we see this little guy and the next day there he was, or she!

and a baby too…

Their little cheek pockets are chuck full! (Taken on the 4th)


I believe these guys are very territorial so the baby will move on somewhere else. We haven’t come up with any names yet, so we need name ideas! I thought about Jiffy, because these guys are fast! My daughter likes Cricket, but nothing has grabbed me yet…makes me miss Momma and Peetree from our yard in Portland, but so far here we have a lot more names to come up with! If anyone has an name ideas I’d love to hear them :)

I just hope these little guys really like those seeds…and not my lettuce, etc!


Momma squirrel enjoying the mister on a hot day!

Peetree (see more images here)


As usual…

Happy gardening,




  • Kate/High Altitude Gardening

    Hi, Tessa!
    Lucky you! Spring time and pretty birds, too. Your pics were a nice break from my mountains of snow. ;>)

  • Catherine@AGardenerinProgress

    What a cute visitor! We never see chipmunks around here, but I've been seeing more squirrels lately.

  • DirtDigger (Tessa)

    Hey Kate,

    So I guess you're back from Europe? Hope you had a good time! I sure enjoyed the pictures. Well, not quite spring and I'm sure we'll get more snow, but we're close. I forget that Park City get a lot more snow than we did in SLC- our snow here in Redmond, OR is no where near what you get!

    Hey Catherine! He is kinda cute- we didn't have them in Portland either, just squirrels and annoying ones too- they'd dig up my carrot seed scattering them everywhere! Not mama, just her offspring! Your front yard is looking so good- soon you'll have it all planted :)

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