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Mar 18, 2011

Waiting for Spring


So today while shopping for food, we found these on sale…

A nice addition to what we planted last year- we’d like to add quite a few berries to our berry area this year.

We came home and then we saw this out the window…

I purchased my plastic today for the tunnel…I was going to start some Mache, spinach, and claytonia…we’ll see.


Spring is so close? Happy gardening,



  • Jenni

    I'll be curious how much longer you have snow, for being just over the mountains, I'm really unfamiliar with when the seasons commonly change over on your side. I have to clean out my strawberry beds today as I see many new green shoots. I'm looking forward to digging in the dirt.

  • DirtDigger (Tessa)

    Hey Jenni, well according to some gardening friends things start to change in April- but we can have frost any time of the year! I watched the weather for a year or so before we moved (from Portland) and I estimated that it is about a month behind Portland (maybe a bit over- we'll see, one thing is for sure, we get sun, sun sun! This is a weird year, I think, because of La Nina. Some serious record keeping has been going on since we moved!

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