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May 23, 2011

Busy, busy, busy!



So much to do, so little time. We all try to get as much done in a day as possible- often times it’s less than we’d like. It all takes time to establish a new yard and getting a foothold is a challenge. But little by little it’s all coming together.

The weather has finally started warming up- late this year (thanks a lot La Nina) and it just happened to be my first year growing anything. It is time to start moving the cool weather crops out and moving the warm ones in. Since I had an unexpected absence recently, I was a bit behind with sowing warm weather lettuce. I did get some sown as soon as I returned only to find that something had found them quite tasty in the nursery- which is, at present, in the garage.


These were sown in a 200 cell plug flat. Instead of tossing them I set the survivors in a bed far away from my crop area and hoped for the best- just in case the offenders were hiding in the soil, I didn’t want them finding everything else. So far there are some that are doing okay. So, back to the drawing board for the lettuce.

On the warm weather crop front I’ve sown some melon (2 kinds), squash (2 kinds), more chard and some other things like sunflowers, etc. I’ve purchased some lemon cukes to try this year and I’ll be sowing my green beans in long paper pots (or what I like to call my version of root trainers). I’ve decided to grow bush varieties of beans with all the wind we’ve had this year and I don’t expect that to change (thanks again La Nina). I didn’t really feel the need to have to run out there and save my trellis from being blown away- there has been quite enough of that with tunnel plastic and shade cloth!

A few of my tomatoes have buds on them- very surprising considering they were horribly neglected in my absence. They have really bounced back nicely. I gave them some extra TLC as they had purple leaf undersides- a phosphorus deficiency, no doubt. Now they look great. I’ve planted one out in the greenhouse bed. The labels were messed up too- but luckily I have 3 positive ids and 2 of them were the bigger tomatoes, so I could choose which ones should go in the greenhouse ground beds.


This tomato was given to me by my neighbor.              This is one I started from seed.


Peas are doing nicely-


Compost bin #1 is built, but not finished. I have to do the front and add some hardware cloth on the sides.

I worked on adding some more small in ground greenhouse beds-


The new grass area is looking very nice- Here is a before shot.

And after…

I really love what we’ve done so far…


Spring crops are continuing and starting to finish up- I’ll have a gap as I lost some replacements, but It’ll all work out.

I hope your days have been sunny and your harvests yummy!


Happy gardening,



  • Grace

    Hi Tessa~~ Beautiful photos of your veggies. Love that last photo. Can't wait to see how the new area develops. It looks great.

  • Jenni@ RainyDayGardener

    Hi Tessa, it's looking so pretty! And your spring harvest is full and lush! Looks like you've been a busy gal! Hope you have a great week!

  • Why I garden...

    Your garden is looking fab. I love the way you've used all the rocks, did they come from the ground? In Ireland I'm always digging up rocks and using them to make beds etc. I'll have to look thru your blog to see what soil blocks are? You mentioned them on Jenny's Rainy Day blog. Kelli

  • Why I garden...

    P.S. I've joined your blog, looking forward to seeing your garden develop! I've materials to build a compost area like u have, doubt mine will turn out as good as urs :) Kelli

  • Daphne

    It's all looking so nice. I was so happy when our grass finally went in last fall. I hated having a yard of weeds.

  • DirtDigger (Tessa)

    Thanks, Grace! Coming from you that is quite a compliment :).

    Thanks for stopping by, Jenni! If our weather would only stay nice maybe I can move on to the warm weather crops.

    Kelli- nice of you to stop by. I see you're from Ireland- it's so beautiful. My husband Patrick is 1/2 Irish and I'm part- we'd love to see Ireland some day. Yes, we have so many rocks here! I was very blessed that most of the beds here were already built- but needed some shifting and regrouping, so to speak. We try to use what we have already. I'm sure your compost bin will be great! I love using soil blocks, but don't all the time. You can use the search bar on my blog to find more posts- there are a couple videos one I did and one from Eliot Coleman (it was from him that I first heard about them). They are available everywhere now, online. Just email me if you have any questions about them as they take a bit getting used to.

    Daphne- I know what you mean by the grass. I'm usually not a fan, but here in our new home...the land of was so nice to put a bit in- shhhh! Don't tell anyone I said that!

  • inadvertent farmer

    Looks great! I'm still waiting on my greenhouse, sigh. Your mators look fabulous, mine are planted out already and they are none to happy due to all our rain, maybe I should make little umbrellas! Kim

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