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May 14, 2011

Chicken Coop Tour!


So a friend of mine invited me to go enjoy the local Chicken Coop Tour here in Bend/Redmond and I almost didn’t go! Boy am I glad I did!

We managed to see 8 different setups, all of different sizes, with a 3-year-old in tow. I have now got so many ideas of how our chicken set-up should be that my head is swimming! We had a lot of fun and learned a lot about chicken breeds and their care- very nice! Here are a few highlights-

This coop was built with old hot rod parts- very creative. The little girl there was the creator’s daughter who was running around with turkey poults in her coat pocket- their little necks looking like they’d break any minute! She said they were ‘pocket perfect’…and indeed they were.


We loved these…


There were a lot of recycling examples. I have plenty limbs around my home to make this cool roost.


Interesting chicken tractor- I could make this. It would get the job done, moving the chickens onto my beds, but I’m not sure I like how they look. I’m sure they could be prettied up!

Tractor inside- nesting box and roost
Below- food tube

Recycled 2 liter bottle for water- nice.













Chickens weren’t the only thing we saw- this animal was so funny! The guy, I mean! He was a big guy and that pig was taking him for a walk :)



And all kidding aside…

Cute little tail!

And finally…the deal of the day! I found a watering can. It’s not a haws, but an old French design from the 1800s and I like it! It has a wonderful fine rose.



We saw so much more- and some small, nice backyard setups, but this post would end up being way too long to list them! I’m inspired now to get our chickens, but it will have to wait a while- say a year or two. I have all my ideas on paper now and we’ll have done all the research by then. In the meantime I can enjoy my friend’s chickens as she’ll be getting them soon! Maybe someday she and I will be in the annual Chicken Coop Tour…


Happy gardening,



  • Patsi

    That is too cool !!
    And the happy girl with the baby turkeys in her pocket is a keeper.

  • Rosey

    That is one snazzy chicken abode. Some birds are so lucky!

  • Catherine@AGardenerinProgress

    How fun! I could see my daughter with the babies in her pocket too. Hilarious video of the guy being walked by the pig.
    I wish we had space for chickens.

  • Charlies Angel

    i like those water bottles.. where do you get the caps that allow the chickens to drink?

  • Anni

    I've never seen nest boxes like that. Very creative! And I think they look so much nicer than the crammed in boxes all lined up. It's more open and natural looking, even if it is made from big metal pipes and such.

  • Tessa Neill

    Thanks for commenting everyone- Sorry I'm so late to the party! This is my old blog and I've yet to do a closing post directing everyone to my new one.

    I can't answer any question about any chicken coop set up, feeders, or the like as this was a coop tour that I went on- so I cant' even remember where these people lived :)

    Thanks for stopping by!

  • Nicci Richardson

    The trash can idea is awesome that is what i am gonna do

  • JW Pookie

    You are my HERO! I'm trying to build my first chicken coop/tractor from only things I already have. I am gradually trying to start my homestead. I have many items that I've collected over the last year or so that I thought might be useful to reuse somehow in my low cost build. I have two stand p rubbermade sheds/cabinets that I am trying to figure out how to use for the chicken coop. Keep up your blog it's so helpful for the newbie like me.

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