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May 11, 2013

All good things must come to and end

And that includes my time on this blog. I started this blog back in 2008 so family and friends that couldn't come see what I was experimenting on in the garden could still see what was going on. I've learned so much in my almost 20 years (yikes!) of gardening and now the name doesn't fit anymore...not that I still don't kill things, mind you!

I've made many garden blogging friends along the way- and still read their blogs regularly- so some things won't change, but it was time to move on.

In late 2009 we moved to a cold, dry climate- zone 5. So different than what I've been growing in (zone 8, moist). I grow year round, in an unheated high tunnel and greenhouse- they're small, but I produce a lot with them. I'm working towards getting a 20x40 high tunnel on the just under a 1/4 acre area next door- some of it is ours, but some is not- the owner (who we are purchasing our home from) has given me permission to do what I please.  I'm working to grow enough for my community- including the food banks, homeless, etc. In time.

Also, I've been working as a garden coach this year- seed starting classes for the public and smaller groups, etc. So things have changed- and it was time to change my blog.

So here you go- out with the old and in with the new.

Dirt Candy will serve a different purpose than this blog did. Not just for family and friends far away, this blog will go along with any coaching I'm doing- any classes I teach will be covered. Basically, it's an extension or another way to help the community do what I do every year- which is grow our own food, in as simple and as low tech way as possible. I get so many questions every year that I thought that I'd cover those too- so anyone can have access to the information. It's time to take back our food- and it starts in our own backs yards, I want to help others do that too.

My current yard is a challenge- all the work will be included, so others can be inspired to not give up in this climate. It can be done here.

So head on over and drop me a note! And thanks so much for reading my blog.

Happy growing!